Told him...

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Told him...

Some people had told me to wait to tell him... but he had been texting me general chat stuff, and then texting wanting to come over... and I just felt bad chatting like nothing was going on. So I told him I had to talk to him and then he called and wanted to know, and I told him I'd rather tell him in person, but ended up telling him on the phone. He freaked out. He then came over, and had nothing new or different to say. Not sure why he came over. Tried to see if I'd 'get rid of it'. No. Then told me he has no $, has two bucks to get him through the next few days, if I try to get court ordered support, he'll end up in jail because he has no money, and he gives his ex-wife money just on his own, not through the court, and she wants a ton of $. I have no idea why he supposedly has no money. In the past he's bragged to me about how much he makes, which seems comparable to my salary, and he only rents a room in a house, whereas I have a house and a mortgage.

He rambled on and on, and wanted me to talk. I told him I'd already told him what I had to tell him, and that he had opportunity to prevent this from happening - by using the condoms that I bought and provided. When we first started this fwb thing, I asked him about condoms and he said only onnnne specific brand and size would fit. So I got that. He didn't want to use them, preferring the pull n pray. Well there was one 'oops' last month, and as I told him, it was a big oops.

He spent time telling me how awful of a person he is and how he doesn't want any committment ever again - he seems to think I was looking for him to say, oh great, let's get married and raise this baby. I knew that wasn't going to happen. But I had hoped his reaction would be a little less intense.

I finally pretty much kicked him out. Doubt I'll hear from him again.

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Oh my. That sucks! I know you weren't hoping for a lot from him, but it still has to hurt. :bighug:

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im sorry that you had to go through that but women have been single moms for years.. This is something that you want and you will be successful with... GL to you and forget him..

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Ugh he doesnt sound like someone you would want around you or your baby anyway! He doesnt deserve to be if he cant even recognize what a great opportunity it is to bring a new life inot this world. I am sorry he acted like that to you, you deserve better!

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Sorry things diden't go well, sounds as if you are better off without him . Although the shock of everything could have him not thinking correctly and he will come around. I was a single Mom with my DD and it wasn't always easy but it is something you can do. If you ever need to talk I am here. Everything will work out for how it is meant to be.(((((hugs)))))

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Wow, he reacted like a complete jerk. You deserve better. I was a single mom with my DS1...left a bad marriage right after he was born as it had been long coming. It actually was easier being a single mom than living with someone who treated me so poorly. I love my son and I wouldn't trade those times for the world...I often think back to the days it was just my son and I very fondly. It was tough managing it...but the memories are precious and my son and I are soooo close. I eventually remarried and my new DH is wonderful and I am so much happier and we have our second baby on the way. You will survive it and you'll grow from the experience as scary as it all is will adapt! also sounds like you have your life under control, a good job, lots of love to give and your own I'm sure that you will provide a great home for your lo!

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Wow. Everyone else pretty much said it all. I just wanted to add more hugs :bigarmhug::bigarmhug:

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Wow, I'm so sorry he reacted so badly. You and your LO deserve better! {{{HUGS}}}