Took a fall this morning

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Took a fall this morning

This morning I went upstairs and got DD out of her crib as I was walking down the stairs with her I slipped and fell down a good 9-10 steps. I'm in so much pain. DD was crying and saying ow (but she's walking fine so I think it just scared her). As far as me i'm in a lot of pain. I called my OB and I they had me come in for an ultrasound and scan. Baby was fine and they didn't see anything wrong with placenta or fluid levels. The baby was kicking and stretched out like he was just chilling out. Heart rate 152. The dr is pretty sure I broke a toe though Sad I've got an appt for the chiropractor at 2p. My back and hips are killing me I can hardly move.
Pretty much the only good part about today was that I got to see baby again Smile

What scared me was that I was holding DD in front of me so she landed on my belly. And when I called the Dr's they said to come in for a scan and check for something called a fetal bleed? But all came out fine.

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Oh no! I hope you feel better soon and I'm glad baby looks good.

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I'm so glad everything is ok! I took a tumble the other day (not near as bad as yours though). It's so scary.

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Ouch, how scary! Glad everything's alright! Hopefully your toe is just sprained and not broken. Prayers going out for the pain to go away quickly. I slipped and fell with my 1st son on pavement, it was raining that day and I went down but landed more on my behind. Now I always make sure to wear good shoes, call it paranoia.

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Very scary! I'm glad DD and baby are ok! Hopefully you are feeling better soon.

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That's scary! So glad baby looks good! I'm sorry you're in so much pain. Hoping the chiropractor helps and you fell better soon.