Ultrasound Pic finally

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Ultrasound Pic finally

So I am finally remembering how to upload photos to this website! It's been a few years Smile Here is baby # 4 looks like a blob/boy to me. I have an ultrasound on Thursday to check my actual due date since i was on the pill. The ultrasound machine was kinda crappy so they couldn't get an accurate due date. I also updated my signature so you can finally put a face to the post Dirol Hope you all have a wonderful night!


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Thanks for sharing the picture, its a nice blob baby Biggrin

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Aww cute blob Hayley! So glad we are again on a birth board! gonna be fun friend!!!

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What a cute little gummy bear you have there!

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Cute! Thanks for sharing. Thanks for updating your siggy, too. You're a cute couple.

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Aaaww, what a handsom little blob Wink