Weekend plans?

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Weekend plans?

What's everyone up to this weekend? How's the weather where you live?

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We have a busy weekend ahead. We are having a yard sale tomorrow morning - - gotta make room for this baby! LOL Seriously, we have no room for this baby right now.

Tomorrow afternoon, we have a one-year olds birthday party to attend. This is the girl who will be keeping the new baby, so I fee like we "should" go, even though I have better things to do. KWIM?

And Sunday we are getting together with my Mom's side of the family for a family portrait. It's going to be crazy, there's about 33 people total. It should be interesting if nothing else.

It should be a beautiful weekend - - Sun and highs around 75-80 all weekend. Smile

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Its a long weekend here but DH has to work Sun & Mon (the holiday) so we won't have much of a weekend. It should be nice out but with only 1 day off for DH all we'll have time for is grocery shopping and housework.

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We are celebrating our niece's 1st birthday tomorrow. She turned one yesterday. After the party DS is going to stay with Grandpa and Grandma overnight so we have the night to ourselves. We'll go out and do something - dinner, movie, maybe the casino I don't know...should be fun.

Sunday we have a graduation party to go to and MIL will be brining DS home.

The weather has been gorgeous! It gets sunny and 80's in the afternoons with a light breeze and upper 60's in the evenings. PERFECT in my opinon. Smile

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Tonight DH has a ball game at 930p but I don't think Hailey and I will go. She's super tired and my hips and feet are killing me so I want to relax and soak my feet.
Tomorrow DH will finish the kitchen floor, I'll do laundry and clean and probalby take Hailey to the park for awhile. Then tomorrow night Hailey is going to stay at MIL's house for the night. Its the first time every she's stayed the night somewhere and i'm kind of nervous. DH and I are supposed to go out to eat and maybe I can talk him into a movie. MIL only lives 10 min away so its not like she's going far but we figured its been 19 mnths since we've been alone and she needs to stay the night once or twice before this baby shows up.
Sunday hopefully we will sleep in and i'll probably finish the laundry and we will go to MIL's for a few hours. Grocery shopping somewhere in there.

Its in the 90's today and I think its supposed to be sunny an dnice all weekend

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I'm jealous of all this sunny weather and family time!
I work weekends usually, so this is my weekend to work, Its like 68-72ish here, so "nice" for this time of year. Supposed to start raining next week though ugh. The sun has been a tease.
Tomorrow is Kevs best friends sons 1st bday (seems like a lot of 1st bdays around here!) so he's going to take Brody to that and help them BBQ and stuff- I m sad I dont get to go!!!
Tonight Brody and kev will be fishin when I get off, so I might go ru n errands, or go clean house, or go relax since I have to stand ALL DAY at work, hehe... Thats about it for me!! Work all next week except thurs, but then have the weekend off, then my next day off the next weds is my U/S so time should go by fast!!!

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We just got back from a mini vaca to Arizona it was nice and hot there. Spend most of my time pool side!!

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We are going to Mississippi to visit the in-laws and Tuesday the 29th is our 2 year wedding anniversary so we will be having a nice dinner somewhere Smile

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I finally have decent weekend plans- Off work yay!!
Were workin on the house and counting down the hours until my U/S weds! hoorah!!