Weekend Update & Appt Today

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Weekend Update & Appt Today

We had really nice Easter with some of my family yesterday. There was only 2 other children there and DD had a wonderful time playing with them!

Saturday night DH and I kind of stumbled into discussing names and we settled on a boys name! DH wanted to follow a trend he discovered concerning Initials so we were focusing on S names. I liked Sean and he agreed ans when I looked it up, it's the Irish version of John. This sealed the deal bc that was he GDADs name! So Sean Matthew it is! (Matthew is DH's name and another family tradition.)
For a girl, DH is I insisting on using his GMA's name, Eleanor for a middle name. We used his other GMA's name for DD middle so really couldn't argue too much. I said OK as long as I can pick the first name. He agreed, but you know what? There's not too many names that go well with Eleanor. So I wanted to revisit this decision, but I figure let's wait until we know what we're having before opening that can of worms.

Although, knowing our luck, it'll definitely be a girl since we have a boys name chosen. :0)

So today I had my 12 week NT scan. Dr says the US looked good and we just have to wait for the blood work (about 5 days). HR was about 160, and baby was moving around and even waved to us! DD was with us so it was interesting to see her reaction. She saw the baby, but didn't really get it - which is fine. At the end of he appt, Dr asked if we were going to find out what it was and we said yes. He changed the little wand around and there it was. Twig and Berries!
He said 90% chance it's a BOY Yahoo
He said he'll know better next month, but he was pretty confident. Fingers crossed that he's right. DH is so excited and we really don't need the have the drama involved with naming a girl Smile

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Sounds like a great apt, and Congrats on baby probably a boy. The name debate won't be a problem than Smile

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Lurking you............. so happy everything is going well!

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Sounds like a great weekend and appointment. I can't believe so many of us are finding out the sex so early. Smile Congrats!

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That's awesome! Congrats on the great u/s and having a boy! So jealous that you found out this early!!

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YAY! and congrats on the boy!

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YAY!!! I found that with my first I had no clue what I was having, I said girl because my hubby said boy. My 2nd I just KNEW was a boy. No girl names even sounded right to me. With #3, I had a feeling she was a girl, but I kept second guessing myself. With her, boy names just didnt sound right. Now, I cant find a boy name that sounds good. I love the name Grace, but my hubby says no. I guess we shall see.

12 weeks is super early, but not impossible depending on the baby's size, position, and how new the ultrasound machine is. I bet it'l stay a boy Wink

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Thats so cute!
Before I read the twig and berries part- haha- I was going to say just because you have a boy name picked out I wouldnt count yourself out of a boy! We ONLY had a boy name picked out for DS- and argued all the time about girl names- then decided to just wait n see...well it was a boy!!

This time around, were REALLY set on a boy name, and havent even mentioned any names at all, or girl names, so I'm wondering if the same thing will happen...

Cant believe they saw the goods already!!!! Everyones finding out so early!!

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What an awesome appt! WE have been toying with names but when we discuss boy names it seems wrong in a way. Something is just telling me girl. DH thinks girl too but we shall wait and see. Love the name! That was my late brother's name, but spelt Shawn.

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Thanks everyone! I'm pretty shocked we were able to find out so early! Totally excited though!

Kim - thanks so much for your support! I was so sad to see things didn't work out for you. I'll keep hoping for you though!

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Congrats!! How exciting! Hopefully, you can cross the name picking off the list Smile

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Thats so awesome he showed you the gender! I'll bet he stays a boy! I am floored you can tell at 12 weeks that blows my mind! Yay for a name though makes baby so much more real and everything.

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Yay Deirdre! I just had to lurk over when I saw an update. SmileSmile