Welcome back bladder!

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Welcome back bladder!

I just noticed the other night- I think my bladder is back!! For now...
Everything must of finally "moved around" enough that my bladder has a little more room or something- I havent been going pee every 5 minutes the last few days..
At work on Friday I went to the bathroom and realized I hadnt been in there yet that day- usually Im in there like every 20 minutes so it definately stays stocked and kept up with now that Im in there so much! haha

And I havent been having to get up to pee as often lately..

Trying to enjoy this little bit of happiness while i can- Im sure it wont be long til I'm bursting again. hehehe

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Hope it last a while for you...I'm the complete opposite. It's only 8:30 and I've already gone 4 times this morning. Oy!

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Um, congrats!? Lol I'm glad you're getting a reprieve.

As for me, I go a billion times in the morning, but then I'm fine the rest of the day. I usually wake up at like 5:30am to go, but haven't been getting up other than that in the night. Working out is another story...when I work out, I can hardly handle any jumping and then afterwards I don't go pee for hours (despite drinking tons of water).

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I recently had a couple weeks where I wasn't going all the time and even able to sleep all night without getting up. Seems it was short lived but yes, enjoy it while it lasts! It's the little things... Smile

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I have just started to have to go in the middle of the night sometimes I can make it thru the night than have to run quickly in the morning!!! During the day (must be all the water I have been drinking) I go constantly........

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I envy you. I'm still up at least 1x a night to go the bathroom if not twice. At work I go a few times a day.