Went to dr last tuesday

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Went to dr last tuesday

Hey girls went to the dr Tuesday and she says I'm due oct 30th... But I'll probably end up having another csec. I have a pacemaker and some heart problems they don't want too much pressure on my heart. Although when I had my last baby we had to do a csec her head was too big! Anyway nothing much to really update on. I have a ultrasound April 2!!! By then I'll be ten weeks hopefully I'll be able to see some moving!!! Sorry about the late updates I'm using a iPhone and it takes me FOREVER!!!

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Yes my iphone drives me nuts lol when posting. You can always tell when I am posting with that as I sound like english is not my first language bc autocorrect changes odd words here and there to whatever it pleases.

Yay for an u/s cant wait to see the pics, baby should look very baby-ish by then!

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Awesome! I'll be getting my u/s next week at 10 1/2 weeks. Can't wait.