What kind of birth do you want?

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What kind of birth do you want?

I'm curious about what kind of birth everyone is planning.

I'm hoping for an intervention-free, natural birth. It's funny... With my first, I was planning to go natural. I ended up with pitocen (which was brutal for me) and an epidural. With my second, I was planning on the epidural. Nora had other plans though 'cause by the time we got to the hospital, I was already at 10. The dr. barely made it in time, so there was no time for an epi. Comparing the two births, I would choose the second over the first, hands down. I was miserable the whole time with the first (nauseated, uncontrollable shaking, epi wore off). I didn't have any of that with the second. Don't get me wrong, it hurt, but when it was over I felt great. I'd love to have the same experience with this baby.

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I really haven't decided. My first was sunny side up and I didn't deal well with pain. I went a long time without any relief, but my body was so tensed up that I wasn't making progress. I got the epidural, slept, dilated, and then spent a couple of hours pushing. The doctor ended up using forceps to get her out and I had a 4th degree tear. It was pretty awful. It made me a bit of a nut the second time when it came to getting baby into a good position (loved spinning babies and read an article on positions to use to avoid posterior labor).

With my second, I showed up to the hospital already at 6cm, started puking soon after (which I did during my entire first labor so I didn't think anything of it), got my epidural, and then was complete. I must have been puking as I was going through transition. It was fast and easy. I don't really regret getting the epidural, but it probably wasn't necessary since I was basically pushing a few minutes after it was put in.

If this labor seems to be going quickly, then I'd like to go epidural-free. I bought a couple of books on natural childbirth and I'll see how I feel after I read them.

I would really, really love to have a post-birth that didn't involve a cathetar. I had a cathetar the first time because I was so swollen from pushing that I couldn't pee. I had a cathetar the second time because I had a small tear on my urethra opening and they were concerned that it could swell. I hate walking around and trying to sleep in the hospital with a dang pee bag to deal with. It's nasty.

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With my first I was induced 10 days before my due date. His head was already engaged, so they did the cervigel, got me dilated to 1, broke my water, and my body went from there. I waited till I couldnt handle the pain any more to ask for the Epidural... then, had to wait about an hour since there was only 1 anesthesiologist left, and he was finishing up a surgery. Once I got the Epidural I went from 5 or 6 cm to complete with in an hour. It was like someone else said, once I was able to relax a bit and let my body do its work, it went fast. He was sunny side up with his head tilted, and so got stuck. He also had the cord around his neck. So, after almost an hour and a half of pushing, out came the Vacuum. It worked,leaving me torn up down across, inside and out, 2nd degree tears, and probably why it took me so long to have anther lol. I guess it was lucky that the vac worked because he was having Dcells the whole time I was pushing since the cord was around his neck. My mom later told me that she was ready to go prep the OR herself (shes an OR nurse) watching DS1's heart rate on the monitor. The doctor didnt even keep track of the stitches...

With my 2nd my water broke at 4:20 am the morning I was 36 weeks. I got to the hospital around 6:30, got it confirmed that it was indeed my water, and got admitted. At 8am the doc came to check me and my cervix was still too high to even tell how dilated I was. I was able to walk the halls for a bit. Then, when the pain got to be more intense, I got my epidural and was able to sleep a bit. At a little before 3pm I felt it was time to push. The nurse was sure that it wasnt since she had just checked me. It felt like forever for the dr. to come. I kept telling the nurse to tell the Dr. to move faster, that the baby was coming right then. When he finally got there, got my legs up, he yelled for the nurse, asking her where her cart was... DS2's head was right there. He was still gowning up when I delivered my son's head. Never had time to even break down the bed. I ended up with 1 little tear that only needed one stitch.

With my 3rd, I was induced at 36 weeks and 5 days (due to low amniotic fluid). DD was still pretty high, so they had to use Pit. I HATE that stuff. It felt like I sat there forever, not making any progress. Then, all at once, my labor went from 0 to 60. I was in SO much pain that the nurse couldnt even check me. I finally got the epidural, and was at a 4. With in an hour I went to complete. DD was also facing up, but had enough room to turn as she came out. Unfortunately her cord was around her neck, so the doc. had to keep his fingers in side of me to keep the cord from getting too tight. She was out in 15 min or less. No tearing or stitches needed Smile

I have to say, out of all 3 of my labors and deliveries, DS2's was my favorite. I am really hoping that I go into labor on my own this time, and then get my epidoral when I can, and have it go as easy as his did (minus the nurse not listening to me)... though, with out tearing like with DD

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What I want is to go into labor on my own and I would love love to try and have a drug free birth in a hospital. I wish I would have had the courage with my DD and known then what I know now.

With DD my water broke at 2am I labored at home by myself till 800a. DH went to work at 6am but I was in denial at that point that I was really in labor so I told him to go. At 8am I called him to come home and said we needed to get checked at least. He got home, we made it to the hospital and checked in by 9am. At around noonish the nurse came in said the dr was going around doing the epidurals (there were a bunch of women that day in labor) and pretty much scared me that once he was gone it was slim he would be able to come back. So I got the epidural. At 5p I was ready to push I pushed just a few times her heart rate would drop and at one point the dr had problems getting it back up. They tried the vacuum on her poor head and after like the 4th push the dr called an emergency c-section and we were rushed in. She was born at 524pm.

Given i had a c-section what I want wont happen and i'll be a repeat c-section. The closest hospital to do vbac's is almost 2 hrs away.
So we will schedule the c-section date probably at my anatomy scan. My dr said they normally schedule after that scan.

Oh and my water broke 6 days before my due date, my dr said they would schedule my c-section at least 7 days before my due date so that I don't go into labor on my own. Secretly I kind of want to start doing things to induce labor at home so maybe my water would break but I don't think DH would like that Smile I'm due Oct 20 so i'm hoping maybe i can convince them to do it Oct 12th.

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I just want a baby in a co-operative position for once. Honestly, I don't bother with "birth plans" anymore, I know whats gonna happen is gonna happen.

It would be nice to do a drug free delivery, and I think I could handle it if baby is in the right position, but I am by no means opposed to getting an epi.

DS1 was all kinds of stuck, after 20 hours of labour, the last 5 of which I was stuck at 9cm, the doc called for a c-sec. He was a weird kind of sideways or something so I had some back labour but it was mostly bearable, I held out for like 14 or 15 hours before getting the epi, in the hopes that if I could relax I could dilate that last cm. Clearly it didn't do the trick.

DS2 was full on sunny side up, and the back labour was excruciating! I asked for the epi the second I got there but it took like 90 min for the doc to get there. Even with the epi the back pain still managed get through the meds and I was thoroughly uncomfortable. Not even 10 min after it was in my water broke on its own (they had broke my water with DS1) and after about 2-2.5 hours I was ready to push. I pushed for well over an hour but I could only get him to turn half way, so he was facing my side, and since I was a VBAC time was kind of against me. So the OB literally reached her entire hand in (let me tell you, OUCH!!!), turned his head the rest of the way, and the pushing continued. It was pretty easy to get him down after that, but I guess because it happened so fast I was on the verge of a 4th degree tear, so she did an episiotomy and he was out like 2 pushes later. I also had a whole mess of tears in addition to that, both internal and external, so it took quite awhile to patch everything back up.

So yeah, I would like a baby, who knows which way to go and which way to face, so that just maybe I can have a nice normal drug free birth. And if not well then I'm fine with that too. Smile

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I will have a repeat C-Section.

With DS1 I developed pre-e and I had low amniotic fluid. He was delivered at 38 weeks (9lbs 3.5oz). I don't even want to know how big he would have been if he had gone to 40 wks. Also, his head was so big, I would have never delivered him vaginally anyway.

I was hoping for a smaller baby this time around, however, judging by the size of my bump already....that's not going to happen. LOL

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Just one that results in a healthy baby. Im in such a panic after last time and all the scary things that happend.

I'd love to go into labor on my own this time, water break or somethign "easy" like that so I can know to go to the hospital.

But wouldnt be the end of the world to get induced again, I know thats a possibility and Im sure would make things easier considering finding care for DS and Kevin getting time off work and everything....

Anddd I'll def love an EPI- even though I had back labor so bad I cldnt keep my bum on the table even after the table so who knows if it'll be like that again! The EPI was the scariest part though, they hit a nerve or something and I thought I got electricuted haha...!!

Kind of scared I'll get a c-sect next time, Im the only female in my family who hasnt had to have one, and barely barely barely avoided it last time by just a few minutes, so hopefully DS paved the way for this little one!!

However, with the bacterial infection that causes preterm labor Im almost wondering if I'll actually not be super overdue this time, I guess we will see!!!

If I could choose anything- it'd be just to get to hold him/her right after the birth- they took Brody away last time bcuz we both had gotten an infection and stuff and it felt like YEARS til I saw him (kev said it was a few min) and I was so drugged up and had such a high fever that I cant really REMEMBER much- and I wish I could go back and remember/be in a better frame of mind!!

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What kind of birth do you want? Quick and Painless :0)

I'll also be having a repeat c/s.

Dawn, my story is very similar to yours! I was scheduled for an induction 2 days after my due date bc the baby was getting big. I went for an u/s the day before my due date and I had low fluid so we induced that night. The next morning, Erin's HR dropped with each contraction ( thankfully, they were still small and not too painfull), so the doc went in and got her. She was 8 lbs 9oz, which was a lot smaller than the 9.1 they were guessing! and she was born on her due date.

But also like you, I think I'm destined to make another big baby as I am HUGE.

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I too am planning to have a repeat c section. Since my Dr. and I haven't agreed on a due date yet and I absolutely know she's wrong I'm afraid I'll go into labor on my own. I'm hoping if the baby is still measuring ahead at my next appt she'll get it that I'm right so we can schedule the c section accordingly.

With my first one I was showing the early signs of pre e at 39 weeks but had absolutely no progess. They tried inducing me but didn't dilate at all. Had a couple contractions with pitocin before they decided just to do a c/s and stop the pit. I had a great c/s experience and am hoping this one will go just as well.

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Repeat c-section. Will be my 3rd last time things went great I hope the same for this time!

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I would LOVE to go into labor on my own! I have been induced all 5 times for various reasons. With DS1, I had polyhydramnios. Got induced at 39 weeks with pitocin and delivered 15 hours later with no epidural. DS2 was measuring big (over 9lbs at 37 weeks). I was induced w/ pitocin at 38 weeks and he was 9lbs 3oz. No pain meds with him either. With DS3, I had ges diabetes. Pitocin induction at 38 weeks, no epidural. DS4- induction at 38 1/2 weeks. I had borderline GD. Pit and no epi. With DS5, I was determined not to be induced. I wanted so badly to feel what it was like to go into labor on my own and I had heard that non induced labors are easier and less painful. Everything was looking good until an u/s at 38 1/2 weeks. At aht point they found out I again had polyhydramnios, which led to yet another induction at 39 weeks. This time, my doc tried just breaking my water to see if that would do it. I did start contracting but things were going really slow. They started the pitocin about 5 hours after breaking my water. I had planned on another pain med free delivery. I figured I had delivered 4 times without it and could do it again. I was not prepared for how painful it would get. It's funny that it was my "least induced" labor (didn't start pit right away and when they did it was low dose, but man oh man, it was definitively my most painful! I ended up begging for the epi at 6 cm. It was awesome! By the time they finished it, I was complete though. The nurse said she didn't want to waste it and let me rest for about 30- 45 minutes before pushing. I felt nothing while pushing. HUGE difference from the others! I was worried that I would have to push a lot longer because of the epi (I only pushed 2-3 times with DS2,3, and 4) but it only took about 10 minutes.
People have said "oh don't you wish you had gotten the epi with all of them?" and I can honestly say, no. I am really glad I got to experience it without one and I wouldn't change it. With this one, I'm going in with no expectations. If I can go without one, I will. If I feel I need it, I'll get it. I am really hoping not to have to be induced though. The only problem is I'm due right at Halloween and DS bday is Nov 1. I really want to be home with the boys for both. My doc will induce at 39 weeks if my body is ready. So, I may take her up on it.

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Repeat c-section here, especially since my twins both have posterior placentas. So I'm just hoping for an uneventful, smooth c-section.