What's your daily routine?

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What's your daily routine?

Whats life like now? Are you a SAHM, Work full time, School, both?

What do you do on a daily basis- do you have any free time?

How do you think the LO will change your routine up?

Does your DH help a lot?

I feel like life is finally in the "easy" stage lately- DS has preschool 2x a week so I have two days of 2.5 hours of freedom- to do homework, clean house, run errands, watch tv if I wanted, just be "free" and it's really nice to have a break!

I do online school, mostly when DS is @ preschool or after everyones in bed so that's not too difficult to manage.

I only work 4x a week, and DS stays home with his dad on the weekend, so I only need a babysitter like 1x a week, so that's nice.........

I keep wondering how things are going to be so hectic after the baby comes, nomore freetime, no more sleeping through the night, I dont think I'll go back to school for a bit, the stress of trying to find a babysitter for a little baby while I work will be rough, even last night DS was watching a movie before bed and I was just cleaning and relaxing, and was thinking how I better enjoy the relax time while I have it!

I forgot how hard it was to even shower when DS was starting to get mobile, and we had some 1 year olds the other day who were getting into everything, movies, books, computer, sharp corners, and it brought me back to all the baby-proofing.. hehe.. Should be quite interesting!!! Eeek!!

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Whats life like now? Are you a SAHM, Work full time, School, both?
I work Part time 2 days a week, otherwise I am a 5 day a week sahm.. it pays my health insurance and decent money I can't pass it up just yet.

What do you do on a daily basis- do you have any free time?Drive one to school run countless errand, nap for the 2 year old,(work on tues and wed) pick the older one up from school, drive to soccer, dance skating or whatever the activity is, cook dinner and kids in bed by 8:30 Smile I do have some free time

How do you think the LO will change your routine up?not much at all, Ds will be in preschool by than(maybe) and dd is in school full time so it will be just me and the baby ...

Does your DH help a lot?Yes he works m-f 7-5 with some over nite traveling, but is home all weekend and does alot with the kids. Also he does cooking cleaning and laundry he is truly awesome !!!

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Whats life like now? Are you a SAHM, Work full time, School, both?
I work full time.
What do you do on a daily basis- do you have any free time?
I still have to wake up once a night ( around 12:30-2:30 ) to give my son (Christopher) a bottle. Then get up at 5, try to get ready and watch him at the same time. Hes crawling now, so it makes it hard to try and do things when all he wants to do is get into things he knows hes not supposed to lol. Then we leave around 6 if we are "on time" to drop him off at the sitters and be to work by 7. One really nice thing is that my hubby and I work at the same company Smile When we get off work, we pick Christopher up and are home by 5. Thats when the cleaning, cooking, laundry and play time with the baby happens. After that its dinner for him, then bath. By the time I get to sit down its about 7:30, and I pass out about 8 lol. My poor DH stays up until about 9-10, but I can't seem to keep my eyes open!

How do you think the LO will change your routine up?
Well I am already used to little sleep having a 9 month old, so I feel pretty prepared.

Does your DH help a lot?
He does in some ways. We both work full time, so I understand he is tired too. I would say things are 60/40 maybe a little more or less on some days. The 60 being me haha. But thats what its like being a mom. And I love it Smile

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I'm a SAHM and love it for the most part. My kids are absolutely hilarious. I used to teach high school math. Outside of the home I do some volunteer work with the planning committee of a MOMs group and I'm the secretary of the local public school's foundation board. I'm in charge of decorating for the big annual fundraiser for 300+ people. Guess when that is this coming year? Mid-October. Yikes!

I keep pretty busy. We go to the gym almost every morning at some point. My older daughter has preschool on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I also go to lots of playdates and the local tot lot at least once a week. I bring my little one along for errands at least once a week. Both of my kids take afternoon naps so I'm always home in the afternoon. My MIL takes the girls for one day every other week so that's something I look forward to (though I use it to run non-kid friendly errands).

My life is pretty easy right now and I get a lot of sleep. That's going to be an adjustment. Plus, we go on a lot of vacations without kids and that's going to stop for a while when this new baby is nursing (so for at least a year).

My DH is awesome. He only works four days a week so I have a lot of help from him. He's very high-energy and works hard. He does a lot of work around the house. He's cute too! I'm excited to have a pregnancy where he's around to help and he'll be able to be home quite a lot when this little one is tiny. I had both of our other kids when he was in residency and there were days when I only saw him when he came home to sleep, if that.

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Weekdays, I get up and get ready and get the kids ready for school (Tu, Th & F they both go, and my oldest goes every day). Then, depending on if I have anything to do or not, I go to the gym. While they are in school, I throw in my grocery shopping and running errands. If I don't have to do that, I'll come home and if I have work to do (editing, returning emails, placing orders), I'll do that, or I'll mess around on the net (when I should be cleaning or knitting, lol!).

Things will probably get crazy when this LO gets here! I have to be up and out the door by 7:30 to take them both to school (although their school is moving closer to me-hopefully-so that should give me a few extra minutes in the morning). Since my girls are older and have many toys with little parts, I will have to make sure that things are cleaned up so that baby doesn't eat them. So I'll have to be more diligent with things (as well as the girls).

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double post!

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I'm aSAHM. On a daily basis I play, teach, clean, etc - you know the basic stuff you do at home. I do have free time. Most evenings my DH is home and I can go do what I need to do or weekends. Tues and Thurs DS is in preschool. I get up and get him ready for school, DH drops him off on his way to work and I pick him up.

My DH does help A LOT! He is awesome! He puts DS to bed 6 nights a week. We alternate bath time everyother time. He pretty much takes over play time when he gets home until DS goes to bed. Saturday mornings I get to sleep in and DH gets up with DS.

The LO will change things the most in the beginning until we get the hang of what we're doing and new routine down. DS wil be in preschool 4 mornings a week so that will give me some alone time with the baby too (or nap when the baby sleeps if I need to). Smile With DS we kind of let our schedule fall into place and make adjustments as it made sense. We'll probably try and do the same. DS will be 4 1/2 by the time the baby comes so he'll be old enough to help out a little here and there and old enough to understand stuff - we can reason with him you know. LOL! Smile

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My days are pretty set I work full time at a large bank normally 8a-525p. So M-F I get up about 6ish to get ready for work and Hailey wakes up at 715am. I get her ready and she drinks some milk and watches Baby first Tv while i do her hair. She's at daycare by 745am (only a few blocks from home so thats good) and eats breakfast there. I head to work. DH works 7am -330p M-F so he picks her up from daycare at 4p (he works across town) then I get home by 540p and I start dishes (normally with Haileys help) and supper. DH helps a ton either with supper or dishes or laundry whatever needs to get done that night. He and Hailey have some bonding time and normally he just gets down on the floor and plays blocks or baby dolls with her till I get home. I came home one day and she was brushing his hair lol.

We eat supper then Hailey has some more play time, then bath time and she's sit on my lap awhile to relax cause by then i'm worn out lol. At around 8-830p i'll ask her if she's ready to go night night and head upstairs and she'll say yes then go climb the stairs and walk to her room with either DH or I behind her. Lately i'm ready for bed by Mosking to so DH has been putting her to bed. After she's in bed DH and I have time to ourselves.

I work 3 saturdays a month 845-1215p so DH is at home with her then and he does breakfast and her morning nap. We do grocery shopping on the weekends and any running around we need to do. I try to run errands like bills during my lunch break during the week. When she is old enough for preschool it won't change that much cause her preschool is in her daycare center.
I'm thinking with another baby I'll just end up getting up much earlier so I can get ready before I have to get the baby fed and ready and Hailey up and ready for daycare.

I actually get 12 wks at 100% pay for maturnity leave with my company so during my leave i'm debating whether to keep Hailey in daycare of keep her home with us. I'm thinking right now i'll still take her so she doesn't get out of routine, it'll only be harder when she has to go back plus she loves the kids her age and she's learning so much right now. And I would love to have bonding time with just me and the baby like I did with Hailey oh not to mention recovery i think would be harder with a 2 yr old running around wanting to be held also or trying to jump on me Smile
DH's parents and siblings live here in town so they are always willing to watch her a few hours if we want to go out for dinner on the weekend ( the last time that happened though was like 8mnths ago lol) so if we need it they are always there to help or take her for a bit. My parents live 3 hrs away but they come up like once a month or every couple months and hang out with her some.

***we try to make some free time like thursday night's DH bowls with a bunch of guy's so he's gone 6-9p and every once in a while he'll try to go hunt or fish with the guys but thats not often. I had a really hard time making time for myself because I felt like i was taking away from Hailey it wasn't until a few months ago that I started doing Zumba Tue/Thur night from 630-730 and then I had just joined weight watchers like 3 weeks before I found out I was pregnant so that ended all that. Now i'm home every night. In the summer DH plays on a softball team with a bunch of our friends so Friday nights we are out at the fields at games during the summer.

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I'm a SAHM now, 2 under 2 (DS1 will be 3 next month though). I don't have my license so we're pretty big homebodies, especially in the winter. Like Regan said, the baby will have the biggest change on our daily lives in the beginning when I'll be trying to incorporate him/her into our existing routine. And DS2 will probably have the hardest time adjusting, he is the baby and a HUGE Mama's Boy, I don't think he'll handle the transition well. DH helps...enough. It really depends on his shift, he's military but he's a cook so he works a week of early shifts (5am -2pm) and then a week of late shifts (10am-7pm) both with weekends off, he does that for 2 months and then he does a month of weekends which is M, T, W off, 7am-4pm Thu and Fri and the a double Sat and Sun (5am-7pm). The late shifts are the hardest for me because he's only here when the boys first get up and gets home just before bed, and obviously the weekend shifts (which he is starting this week) are gonna suck cuz he'll essentially be gone all frickin day. He does do a lot of housework, and helps with the boys when I ask, or when he can tell that I'm kind of at the end of my rope lol. When DS1 was born he took 2 weeks off and when DS2 was born he had booked 2 weeks off but since he came almost a week early he got an extra week of leave, so that was great. This time around he is actually going to look into taking parental leave, since he's entitled to it, if he decides to do it then he's going to take 3 months off and go back after xmas leave is over, so that will be really nice and super helpful in regards to getting things running a little bit more smoothly after baby is born. And then it will be and 3 little monsters lol. :eek:

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I am a sahm, have been since my first was born 13 yrs ago and we now have 6 ages 13,9,7,5,3,10mos.!! I love it and wouldnt have it any other way (well I would have more money lol) even though it is a very demanding job. Weekdays dh gets up for work pretty early and most of our kids are early risers so he gets breakfast into them, though the baby sleeps until 6:45 like I do she has STTN since 5 weeks old. I get out of bed and immediately hit the ground running. I start doing hair for school, dressing kids, give the baby a bottle change her, brush the little ones teeth, find lost homework, etc. Its a whirlwind until we get in the car and back out of the garage! Then we take the olders to school and come back home to clean, run errands, go to appts, do alundry, the list is never ending!Then if it M,T,Th I take Alec to preschool. The older 3 go fulltime to a private Catholic school that is preschool to high school. My 5 yo is in pre-sch 3 times a week for 2.5 hrs. If my 3 yo would ever consistently PT and stop fightig us he can go to pre-sch next all for 2 days. My mom doesnt work either so she helps me out a ton with drs appts, errands, etc and she picks up the older ones from school most days bc the littles are napping. Then its bathtime, dinnertime, play time, sports practices, etc. Thankfully we are on a sports break right now but usually games are saturdays. The oldest 5 are in bed by 8:30. Mom also keeps the older 4 a lot of friday nights and that leaves dh and I with the youngest two and on the rare occasion we want to go out by ourselves she and my dad will watch them all for a few hours. Adding another baby wont really be that hard. I have never had m y two youngeast this close in age though so who knows?