When will you be "ready"

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When will you be "ready"

Is anyone feeling "ready" for the baby yet?

At what point do you think you'll actually be ready?

With DS we had a lot going on- and I remember at the end of July/begining of August I finally finished everything, his room and had all of his supplies, and then I finally was just SOOO ready to have him.

Then the last 6 weeks or so ticked by really slow!!

This time, were remodeling my sons room + new babies room, so a lot of work left to be done, and havent gotten furniture or anything or bedding picked out, I feel like I need to work a lot more and save/plan more, so I feel really NOT ready for this baby to be here yet.

Is anyone still putting stuff together? Do you think you'll feel ready for the baby when everythings done? Or more just when your body feels like it's ready to burst?

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God no! We're moving in less than a month, so we are as far from ready as possible lol. I will try to have everything ready 2 weeks before my EDD, but between moving, unpacking, settling the boys in and picking up the last few things on our list, it will definitely be at least Sept before I feel anywhere close to prepared for baby's arrival.

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Probably about a month AFTER the baby is born! If even then. But we make it work. DD's room wasnt set up when we got her home from the hospital. Heck, her closet shelves that DH was building still aren't finished!!

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I need soooo much stuff. I didn't get a baby shower with my first son, and the things I did collect myself I gave to my sister in law when she had her son. I have been through all my baby clothes and literally have 6 newborn outfits, and then NOTHING til a year old. I also need a car seat, swing, bouncer and single stroller! However, having said that...I cannot wait to never ever be pregnant again Smile I am never a happy preggo, but I am also more excited then ever to meet my little boy. I am literally counting down the days to my due date!

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We're not ready yet but we're getting there. We got the crib set up last weekend and got the changing table/dresser and chair moved into the nursery. I have also been working on getting the room decorated. However we'll be using a bassinet in our room for the first month that we're getting from friends and we haven't gotten that yet. I did hit a few awesome garage sales and got some clothes. I picked up some pacifiers, receiving blankets and a few bottles last weekend. I need to get diapers, wipes, a few other necessities and we should be good to go to at least get started. Babies really don't need much the first while but I still like to have everything ready since free time flies out the window once they're born. Smile

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We are no where near ready!!!! The girls don't have a room yet ..... we will start working on moving dd downstairs and get her room finshed than we will get another crib and work on the girls room.Luckily we don't need to paint the girls room so it will be move in ready! What scares me is there is a good chance the twins will come a little early so I need to get my stuff together its just been a crazy few months.

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I'm nowhere near ready. I have the bedding ordered and the furniture ordered for my girls' combined room, but won't have any of it for another month. I need to decorate after that. Plus, I have a big event that I'm in charge of decorating for on October 13th. I'm hoping to hold out until after that's over with. I think I'll be ready on about October 15th (which is a week and a half before my EDD, so very possible since I've had babies at 40 and 39 weeks). I'm all torso so I'm usually not THAT uncomfortable at the end other than some back issues and tenderness.

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Im ready to be done being pregnant, but not ready for the new baby yet! I have no motivation to do anything with this pregnancy and I miss having energy! We still have quite a bit of stuff to get for the baby yet, but we have most of the big things we need!

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I have nearly everything ready but that's only because I've been spending lots of time back & forth to the ER (bad Braxton Hicks, etc). Plus I am starting to get very uncomfy and already on "couch rest" per doctors orders. Even have most of my hospital bag is packed. So everything is ready "just in case" but I am really hoping to make it to 37/38 weeks with these two.

P.S. 4th of July, great for sales, Albeebaby is having one and Britax is offering a "free ride" event this month, buy a stroller get a car seat for free (I think)

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Well mentally I'm ready for them to come since I've already had complications. There's so much I need to do still but it's so hard cause I'm on bedrest. Cruddy situation!

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I'm not ready mentally. Some days it still shocks me i'm pregnant like when did that happen. When my dr told me i'd be scheduling the c/s at my next appt, it felt like that came up really really fast. I can't believe i'm 24 wks already. As far as preparing the nursery is pretty well done. We are getting a mattress tomorrow so I can get the crib put together. The only thing I really need is a dresser. Then I can wash all the clothes and get them put away. I've gone through all the 0-6 months clothes (we kept everything from DD) and they are all sitting by the washer but I refuse to do them till we have a dresser that I can immediately put them away.

I figure in the middle of September I'll bring up the swing, bouncer, jumper, and pack n play. I'll get our bedroom set up with the pack n play and get the recliner put in the living room. She will be in our room for awhile so I need those close by.

I think about September i'll be having a reality check that a baby really is coming!!!! Smile

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"nwmommy" wrote:

I'm not ready mentally. Some days it still shocks me i'm pregnant like when did that happen.

This is me! It is sooo surreal to me that we're having another baby. I can't really wrap my head around it. I mean we're thrilled but I just can't believe we'll soon have a baby in our home. We scheduled my c/sec at my last appt so to have a date and just know it's coming...mind blower. LOL!

I'm an only child so I think in the back of my mind I always thought I'd just have one. Even though we want two and were planning for two, I still really thought we'd only have one. And I think part of that also is that it took such a long time to conceive DS. This one took no time at all which was also a huge shocker.