Where will LO sleep?

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Where will LO sleep?

Has anyone planned where the LO is going to sleep yet?
In your room, in your bed, in their own room, sharing with a sibling?
I've noticed a lot of people seem to have 2 children already and I know a lot of people probably don't have 5 bedrooms + in their house- so was wondering what everyones plan is!!

I feel like I'm such a worrier/planner- and Kevin is more relaxed and just kind of "oh whatever..." to everything- like with DS I felt like I had to plan everrrything...

Came home yesterday and he was in the planning stages for this LO already and seemed really focused on all of the work to get done before it comes (work on the house) kinda made me happy!! Looks like I wont be the 9 month pregnant one hammering nails until delivery day.. hehehe

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That's cute that Kevin is already thinking about that sort of thing! Biggrin

Little one is sleeping in our room for the first few months and then moving to the nursery across the hall. I think we're going to get a bunk bed for the 2 and 4 year old so they can share a room once the 2 year old graduates out of the crib. Our 4 year old is very well behaved (as far as bedtime goes at least) and would totally tell on little sis if she was messing around. Lol However, we have a 4th bedroom upstairs that's currently a play room that we could use for the 2 year old if the girls don't share a room well.

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Same here as Andrea (annierose that is... I'm not speaking in the 3rd person Smile ).

LO will be in our room for the first few months and then move into the nursery across from our room. We've been holding that room for a nursery since we first bought the house, so it'll be nice to finally have someone in there! My 9 y/o DS's room is at the opposite end of the upstairs hallway, so hopefully he won't be kept up at night and will have a bit of a "big boy" sanctuary there.

If we have a 3rd child (DH really wants a girl, but I told him 3 is my limit!), this baby will move into a different bedroom so the nursery can be used again. The other bedrooms in our house are not close to our room at all - only the nursery is near it, so we'll need to perpetually keep the youngest in there. That is, until they're older of course, at which point they can move on down the hall away from mom and dad and give us some peace!

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Thats sweet that he's already thinking of things, it would be so easy to ignore all the work that needs to be done until you start showing.

LO will be in our room for the first few months, either in the bassinet next to our bed or co-sleeping, depending on where they sleep better. We had the bassinet in our room for DS1, but he ended up co-sleeping with us most of the time until about 2 months, and then he was in his crib in room for most of the night. DS2 was/is a super light sleeper, so he slept better in the bassinet, and he slept in our room until around 4-5 months, and then he got moved into the same room as his big brother, and they both adjusted to sharing really well. We are in a 3 bdrm house right now, but we will be moving into a 4 bdrm before the baby is born. We will obviously have the master, the boys will continue to share because they seem to like it, the baby will get his/her own room, and we'll have a spare bdrm so DHs parents can come visit for longer than an afternoon (they live almost 4 hours away).

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I usually do the crib from nite one, if not a bassinet or such in our room . Our room is right next to the nursery we all tend to sleep better with baby in its own room. Not sure about rooms we do have a 4 bedroom house. But one bedroom is in the basement and as of right now its our"playroom" and my dd isn't to fond of the basement . So two of the kids will probably have to share probably my ds and the baby. Still kinda up in the air !!!

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Our rooms are kinda, wonky...
We have the biggest "normal" room.
Then DS is right nextdoor in an oddshaped room- which worked PERFECT when he had a crib- not so much now that he has a full (its oddly shaped)
Then next to him is an empty room- but it has a sliding door (the project kevin is so anxious to get started on...) is to remove to door and put in a window/drywall/texure...and build a closet (going to cut DS's closet in half so each room would have one)
So ideally I'd like to move Brody to the backroom and have the LO takeover his room.
We have two bedrooms upstairs, a guest room and a playroom- but , i cant imagine putting either child up there because its cold and the rooms are the slanted type and stairs are wood and steep with a lonnng landing area up there- basically not child-friendly AT ALL... DS can master the stairs now but, IDK how i'd feel about him coming down in the middle of the night - or a fire.. Sooo hopefully if we do have 3 kids one day we move first.. (Kevs set on two though.. thats a whollleeee nother story..sigh)
I co-slept with brody for almost the first 4 months- Kevin worked graveyard- I want this LO to start sleeping in his bed a lot earlier though, but might invest in a bassinet.

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No one gets their own rooms here lol! We all have to share. The new LO will sleep w/ us for the first 6 mos or so then share w/ a sibling after that.

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For the first few months baby will sleep in our room in a pac n play at the foot of our bed. After that baby will be upstairs in its own nursery right across the hall from DD. It kind of worries me about us being downstairs and them being upstairs but so far its been awesome for DD as she doesn't wake up when we get ready for work. Our house isn't huge so I can hear her so i'm positive i'll be able to hear the new baby also. I worry that the new baby will wake DD though.

Our house isn't ready to go either. We literally just bought a whole new kitchen (countertops, cabinets, floor, windows etc.) and then I found out I was pregnant 2 days later. So DH has a lot to do before baby gets here.

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My DD and DS each have their own room. This LO will sleep in a bassinet next to our bed for the first few months. We will be turning our guest bedroom into the nursery and my DH is being forced to turn his game room into the new guest bedroom LOL

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Erin always slept in her own room. Depending on where we're at with our addition will dictate where new baby will sleep. If our bedroom is ready, but the kids rooms aren't finished, then he/she will have to sleep in our room for a while. We're adding our bedroom and remodeling existing rooms for the kiddos. But if all goes to plan, our new bedroom will have a connecting door to the new baby's room so he/she will sleep there.

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We are moving! This LO made the final decision for that. Our 11 month old is sleeping in our room now...and we are hoping to get either a 4 or 5 bedroom house....right now we are in a 2 bedroom in the city, so we are moving to suburbia so that we can afford a bigger house! Very exciting. We just put in a new kitchen and installed pot lights so our house should be on the market in a couple of weeks!

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We'll have the baby in a bassinet in our room for the first month or so. After that they'll go in a crib in their own room. With DS we had him in a bassinet in our room and on his one month birthday moved him to his crib. I know this will be our last baby so I think I might want to have them in our room for 2 months or so. We'll just see how everything goes but will definitely start out in our room and eventually move to their own room.

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"lemonlemon" wrote:

Looks like I wont be the 9 month pregnant one hammering nails until delivery day.. hehehe

Just read this and couldn't stop laughing because I WAS that woman. We were trying to finish painting (no VOC paint) in our room and the baby's room (which he has never used, by the way). There are pictures of me with my big ol' 37 week belly and a paint roller in my hand. I did quite a bit of squatting and rolling that Sat. At 2 am on Sun., my water broke while I was in bed. Thankfully, we had drop clothes on the floor still.

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Hahah Beth- I'll probably end up the same way. Especially where "paint" is concerned- SOMEBODY doesnt think paint is important or necessarily so THEY wont be helping out in that department.. hehe

Our last house was an apartment, so we didnt really have to do any work at all, so therefore all the decorating was up to me- I even started putting the crib and stuff together on my own...

I 've noticed if i START to do something- then he's more likely to pitch in and help.. h aha.. I ripped out a countertop in our kitchen and cupboards in hopes to motivate him a few months ago and it did!! Guess I'll have to keep finding stuff to rip out in our house!! :):)