Who is on #3+? (feeling huge pic)

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Who is on #3+? (feeling huge pic)

This is my third pregnancy and OMG i feel ENORMOUS! Not to mention my symptoms are way more intense than i've had with my other pregnancies (which were basically the same both times). I know a lot of women have felt like they were having twins or something due to how quickly their 3rd belly showed up and I guess i'm now part of that group.

This pic was taken at 7.5 weeks and my belly was flatty flat flat before I was pregnant:

Please excuse my messy walk-in closet...

My HCG levels were definitely high enough to be in the realm for multiples (54,000 at 6 weeks), but the range for HCGs is pretty huge so I dont think that's a real indicator. I won't be getting a US until the big 20 weeker so I'll just have to waddle around feeling fat until then, lol.
Honestly, I doubt it's twins- but I can definitely see what everyone means on how quickly things kick into gear with subsequent pregnancies! Is anyone else totally in this boat?!

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Heyyyyy!!!! Sorry it just surprised me that ur expecting again too!! We were both on July 2010!!

I think ur baby bump is cute! I'm only on number two and I'm Way bigger than u. You are beautiful!

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Oh mama I am so happy you posted this.. One, you look amazing as always. Two, you are sooooo Not alone! I really really need to post a pic because i look so big! Baby #4 for me Smile


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Lori, we're on #3 too, but honestly I've looked 3 months pregnant since like 2 months before I even got my bfp lol. So yeah I do have what could appear to be a bump to people who know I'm pg, but its still really just pudge. But I can feel my uterus is getting pretty high so I'm sure I'll be legitimately showing in a few short weeks.

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My belly wasn't flat before getting pg and it's definitely bigger now. I did lose weight in the beginning too (10+ lbs) from all the m/s and my belly has still popped out. After having 6 kids my body just knows what to do and let's out the muscles and of course I bloat up. That would be late to find out its twins what a surprise it would be!!

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My belly really poofed out early. I look 4 months pregnant, even though I know my uterus is only the size of a grapefruit.

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I've poofed out quite a bit too and my tummy was flat to begin with. I can still see the muscle definition in my upper abs, but the lower part is getting round. Lol My kids started grabbing my belly and playing with it so I knew we had to tell my 4 year old the big news.

I'm due for my 9 week belly picture tomorrow night so I'll have to share it with you guys.

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You look great I feel I am showing much more quicker this time. I am not sure if its because its twins for me or because its my third pregnancy . I haven't actually gained any weight yet (due to my aweful m/s) I will share a pic later this week !!!!

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I poofed out too, i'll show ya tomorrow haha since I just ate...

I definately feel like its bloat, since it keeps growing bigger and bigger by nighttime.