Who else has an NT scan coming up?

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Who else has an NT scan coming up?

I have one more week until my NT scan! I have found out the sex of my last 2 boys at the NT scan. Is anyone else having this done? I basically just get it done for the free ultrasound, My insurance covers it 100% Can you believe we have the possibility to start finding out genders on this board in the next few weeks???


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We have ours next Thursday. I'm nervous and excited! If they can tell the gender we will find out. We're just trying to decide if we're going to tell or keep it a surprise for everyone else.

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No NT for us, I don't do them, but have fun with yours! Smile Should be only about 5-7 weeks until my big anatomy/gender u/s though.

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I have mine on April 13. I'll be 13 weeks.

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They don't do them here at my obs or the hospital. If you can get a referral from your doc then you can go to the UofI for one but my docs don't send you there unless your b/w comes back wonky. My insurance would cover it 100% too I called and asked last time I was pg.

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Mine is scheduled for the 9th. I'm not too optimistic that we'll be able to see the gender, but if we can that would be nice. I think after the 12 week scan, I see that specialist every month, so perhap at 16 weeks???

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No NT for us, just scheduled my 16 week gender scan for April 26th !!!!