who is still dtd?

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who is still dtd?

DH and I are still intimate Wink at least 2 times a week. Who else is still dtd? Or not dtd? For what reasons? I must say it does make me a little nervous, and every time we are done I go wipe and check for blood. Haven't had any Smile I have noticed that when I am preggers both of us are "in the mood" a lot more often... So spill it ladies SmileSmile

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We still DTD as much as we can. I do tend to bleed a little each time but I have learned that I just have a really touchy cervix when I'm pregnant. So I don't really worry as long as it stays to that little bit of pink.

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We've only DTD once since I got my BFP, I'm always just way too paranoid to DTD during the first trimester. Plus recently DH hurt his back, so he hasn't exactly been coming a calling for it lol.

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We have only DTD once since getting a BFP. I've been way too tired and craby to even think about getting busy.

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We still DTD, DH asks every time if it hurts or if i'm ok cause he is a little nervous. After my DD I pretty much lost most of my drive so I still don't really feel like DTD but we do it a couple times a week. I'm exhausted by 9p though to. With my DD i found that during my 2nd-3rd trimester when my back was hurting or my hips were hurting DTD actually helped me and we DTD all the time, and I slept a lot better so I think DH is counting on that again Smile

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Not here. Everyone in the house has been sick, so we've either been too sick or too tired to even think about it!

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we have only done it once since my bfp. I feel kinda bad but at night time I feel so sick and tired Plus dh has been gone 12 days for work. Dh has been really understanding . Hopefully soon!

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Ummm its been over a month now. We havent DTD since my bfp.. Even though I "want" to... I think bcuz of my M/C last time he hasnt been pressuring me at all- thinking that it's not "safe" and I had been afraid to for some reason- so I wasnt really in the mood... but I think I'll get back in action soon.. haha... now that my fear is starting to subside...

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I was gonna ask this question too. Dh is fairly demanding when it come to dtd. Its tied up with his self esteem I think is the root of it and while he doesnt seem to have any issues I think this is one lol. I have tried to explain to him that my lack of sex drive at times has nothing to do with him and everything to do with having 6 kids, being tired, and being on antidepressants. Anyway he has a 2 times a week at least quota that he likes to keep to. And usually I just go along with it its not that I dont like to dtd (obviously I do this is our 7th child!!) its just that I am not in the mood like he is. But now I am pg and all bets are off. I get nervous dtd in the first tri anyway and even tho I know it wont really hurt anything it scares me. Plus I am super nauseous and it is worse at night. And I am tired, sooo tired, but cant sleep well. So I really have not one iota of interest in sex. We got into it last night bc he said we lacked companionship which is bull he is just complaining bc he wanted to dtd. We have done it once since getting pg and I have taken care of him a few times lol but he really wants to dtd. I will prolly relent if i start feeling a little better.

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Well my DH is out of town for 10 weeks but when I go to visit next week i'm sure we will DTD every day. There is a reason we have so many kids ;)before he left we dtd every other day. I remember being scared with my first son also.. I think that is pretty normal


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Sadly, no. After we go pregnant, we were both sick for a couple of weeks and now I'm way too nauseous at night to even think about "wanting" to dtd. Hopefully it will come back. During my first pregnancy I didn't want DH anywhere near me. Poor thing. I'm hoping this time is better.

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We are - while we can. With DS I was more nervous at first about it but this time I'm not as worried. I know the time will come when I'm too huge and then after I give birth we won't be able to. For the longest time after DS was born I had no drive at all. So like I said. we are while we can. LOL!

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No DTD here. Sad
The doc told us that's "off the table" the entire first trimester. We DTD early on in the pregnancy and had bleeding. My doc said it was almost certainly from my cervix. The bleeding came and went within minutes (just like a capillary that had been nicked would), but it was a decent amount, bright red and INCREDIBLY scary for us. I've had a really touchy cervix with this pregnancy, and even my daily progesterone suppositories cause spotting, so I guess I'm ok with taking a break. I'd rather not have to, but if it saves us from another scare like we had before then it's worth it to me. DH might have a different view on that though. Smile

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My dh is pretty damanding about dtd too. Not from self esteem, he just has way to much testostrone for his own good! So we pretty much do it 3-5 times a week all the way up to birth. If you need any comfortable position suggestions once we all get huge just ask! lol

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We still dtd too. We have with all my pg's. I notice I'm more tired but it's been about 3 times a week since bfp. My drive is a bit down but dh only has to caress me and it's back up again Wink

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We haven't DTD as much as we sometimes do, but have definitely been getting it on. TMI - Last night I rediscovered that my O's are easier to get and stronger during pregnancy. Woohoo for that! I also feel sexier when I'm pregnant, as long as I don't look in the mirror. Lol

With my first I had a subchorionic hematoma and was on pelvic rest for quite a while and my sex drive was out of control. It sucked!