Why oh why...

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Why oh why...

do I complain about being nauseated, but when I have a day that I feel almost normal, I instantly worry and wish for the nausea to come back?

What's your "why oh why?"

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Because you CAN! I'm the same way.

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hahahaha the only reason I can laugh is I am the same way. The last couple days I have felt good and than I think oh no. I guess maybe I will be done with m/s by the 2nd trimester . I guess one can hope! My m/s has been some brutal this time I am ready to enjoy being pregnant before I get huge and the hot summer comes.......

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The nausea "excites" me a little bcuz it makes me feel like things are going good, yet @ times I just wish I could snap out of it.

A few days it's really bad, can barely move or do anything and I just want it to stop!! Then when I wake up feeling "OK" I go into panic mode...

I wish I didnt worry so much, I never worried this much with DS.
I SAW a heartbeat yesterday but why oh why am I more worried now then before?!?

OH- and also, my pants are getting so tight and I feel so fat and gross and bloated- yet I cant wait for a baby belly- so kind of dumb Smile

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Ditto here lol. I'm currently miserably nauseous and wish it would stop but I felt pretty good yesterday which worried me.