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Thread: Would this matter to you?

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    Default Would this matter to you?

    So, I know that all of us, so far , are second or more time moms. I use FF to calculate cycles and just for fun took a look at due dates for when I *should* ovulate in Jan. Phooey! It's my first son's b-day! I really would be disappointed to have to kids born in the same week. Would you? I know it's not set in stone b/c DS2 was early by 2weeks. Just curious, what are your thoughts?
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    That could be tough but I think it's manageable. Two of my little cousin's birthdays are two weeks apart. Their parents use to combo their parties for ease (and the kids didn't care) when they were little and now they do separate parties.

    DD was born at 36 weeks due to a pregnancy condition I had (and am likely to have again). If I do get cholestasis again, it'd be the same game plan of delivering at 37 weeks so unless we get pregnant earlier than January, we shouldn't have to worry too much about the spacing.
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    Hummm well that is if it works on the first time too... Maybe I'd try a month earlier just in case and you could have a late September baby.....
    My DS is in Dec so we should be ok if it works right away. If not well I may have the same
    Ā«problemĀ» as you.
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    One of the reasons I'm hoping for an Oct baby is bc we don't have ANY family b'days that month (and I love the fall!). Sept would be OK too. I have DH's b'day and my niece, but that's it. IF I did have another child with an Oct b'day, ideally I would like to space them out, but in the end I guess it wouldn't matter. It's all about Happy and Healthy right?
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