You're other children!

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You're other children!

Does anyone feel like they're kind of neglecting their other children now that theres a new one coming?

It's not so much I feel I'm neglecting him physically- Its just that I noticed he was running low on pants that fit- which is odd because im a crazy shopaholic (im trying to cut back) and always have sizes way in advance- so I think I've been so focused on baby baby baby stuff that I forgot he might need clothes too.. haha..

And then it hit me.... his bday is a MONTH AWAY!!... I'm such a planner and I realized I haven't made invites, really figured out the details, gotten him anything... I feel so guilty!! Im just not really "into it" this year and he'll be four- which means he'll probably start remembering things so if anything I should make this party a great one!!

YIKES! I feel like I need to just get it plannned and maybe I'll feel better- I can't decide on anything to get him... I'm trying not to go crazy this year, I always spend wayyy too much on the cake/decor/invites/presents/food.. so going to try to be more realistic this year.. Wish somebody could slow the clock down!

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My kids wouldn't allow me to ignore them even if I tried Smile haha I am actually letting my other kids keep me busy so I don't focus on the nine more weeks I have to go! My son, Ezra, has a birthday at the end of this month and then Ivy turns 3 sep 8 (can you believe its been 3 years!) and I am probably over planning Smile I am doing everything I can to get these weeks to go by faster!

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I don't feel so much like I'm neglecting them, I just feel bad because I'm so incredibly short-tempered with them lately. DS1 is short on clothes that fit but we really can't afford to do much shopping for anyone right now. And DS2 is turning 2 next week, we still haven't gotten him a present yet, but then again we don't really make a big deal out of bdays at our house.

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I feel bad because it's summer time, time to be playing outside, doing fun things, going places and I'm so tired, getting uncomfortable, it's been so dang hot....I just feel like our summer has kind of sucked. He'll be back in preschool next month. I wish we would do more before school starts, it gets cold and the baby comes.

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My poor kids have been cooped up this summer but thankfully my Mom's been stopping by to take them out some. I'm on "couch rest" and have had a really rough week, just grateful they are old enough to fend for themselves (for the most part that is). My 4 year old still needs me to do things but my 6 year old's been a major help. It's been so rough carrying twins versus a single. I rarely leave the house except for doctor appts. Heck, I can barely walk up stairs to use the bathroom. Doctors think I'm going to 38 weeks, uhm, I don't think I'll make it. On the plus side, my MIL will be here on the 30th and will stay till after the twins are born to help out, so thank goodness for that. She'll take my boys to school for me when school starts since I'm unable to.

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"regdahl" wrote:

I feel bad because it's summer time, time to be playing outside, doing fun things, going places and I'm so tired, getting uncomfortable, it's been so dang hot....I just feel like our summer has kind of sucked.

This is me to. Its just been so hot that I haven't taken her outside or swimming or to the park as often as I would like. And she knows because she'll ask "mama outside" but its so hot and my feet swell if i'm outside in the heat for hours. I kind of feel bad.

I'm using my DD 2nd birthday (Sept 2nd) as a distraction to the baby. I so badly want to set up the swing/bouncer/pack n play etc. but I told myself I won't do it until after her bday. My plan is next weekend to get the rest of the decorations. I try to plan these things a few months in advance so that I have the time to buy or get everything I want without really feeling the financial crunch at once. I've been working on her big present for a few weeks and hopefully this weekend it will be done.

I'm so tired by the time i get off work i feel bad because I just want to sit on the couch and relax and she's ready to play and wants my attention, i'm ready for bed before she is most nights Smile

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I was getting very short tempered with my ten year old before I was hospitalized and she went away for the summer, as she does every summer. I missed her a ton, and thrilled she got back yesterday, but it always takes some adjustment for her when she gets home. She will be spending the night with me here tomorrow night, so we are both thrilled!

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Luckily this summer I had felt good enough we went to the pool like 5 days a week plus we went camping several weekends. I feel like I have spent lots of time with the kids. Now dd starts back to school Thursday than just me and Ds have a little time for just us. Before long I will either end up on bedrest or the babies will come! I have found I tend to yell more at the kids and I feel bad about that. But with a on the go never stopping 3 year old and a Miss attitude I know everything roll my eyes at you 9 year old... Mommy is bound to lose her cool at times lol !!!!!

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I'm definitely not as patient with the kids as usual. I've also found that I sort of turn within more, maybe because I'm tired or not feeling well sometimes. I'm moody and even depressed some days. I'm generally not that way so my 4 year old gets concerned. My 2 year old is oblivious. Most days are good though and we definitely have been busy.

I think part of my funk is from an ongoing problem with getting our furniture delivered for the girls' room so I haven't been able to get going with the nursery. I'm a planner so it's driving me crazy. I lay in bed in the middle of the night thinking about it and can't let it go. Hopefully the furniture will be here next week.