? about testing done at 12 weeks
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Thread: ? about testing done at 12 weeks

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    Default ? about testing done at 12 weeks

    Hi I had the down syndrome test done everything came back good my question is what the other thing they test for? When they do blood work? He said my nuumber r good just wondering whst test is called

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    The u/s and bloodwork together estimate the risk of Downs Syndrome (my doctor also gives an estimate for Trisomy 18 ) and is usually can the Nuchal Scan or Nuchal Fold Test. Some doctors do additional bloodwork at 15-16 weeks which is known as the Quad screen and also estimates the risk of Downs.

    If you have questions about exactly what was done and what they tested for, you should call your doctor and ask.
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    The 12/13 week nuchal fold scan is generally a three part/component test, from what I was told. Your age, the u/s, plus the bloodwork together gives you your chance at having a baby with Down's Syndrome. So for me... my age at birth will be 35, which automatically puts me at a chance of 1/250. My u/s looked good. They could see a nasal bone and the fluid in the nuchal fold was less than 3 mm. My bloodwork came back and dropped me down to a chance of 1/488. The genetic counselor said that was well in the normal range, but she likes to see it in the 1/500 range. So, she recommended that we do the 20 week scan, which will look for other specific markers and if none are seen... then it will drop me to the 1/900 range. The blood test they do with the 12/13 screen also tests for Trisomy 13 and 18, I believe.

    There are several other tests they offer as well as mentioned above, the Quad Screen or the Maternal Serum AlphaFetaprotein serum...
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    I always wonder why there's so much focus on Down Syndrome..are there more chances for complications at birth, and that's why there's so much testing related to that?

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    I think it's because there IS a test for it. Also, lots of people would want to know beforehand to prepare, or if they choose, to terminate the pregnancy. (In no way am I agreeing with that, but people have a right to choose).
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    Yep, a lot of it is just that it is easy to test for. There are a lot of false positives that lead to invasive, risky further testing, though (like amniocentesis) so we decided to skip it. Since I wouldn't terminate anyway, I figure it's just more weeks to worry if something IS wrong, and I don't want to be freaked into unnecessary invasive testing.
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