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    Yes, Baby Joshua is here!

    I went to my OB appt on Monday afternoon at Woman's Hospital (my initial hospital) and had a long conversation with my Dr. I was 40 weeks + 6 days and really feeling the pain in my hips from carrying so long. I knew he was going to be a big baby just like my previous delivery. I had decided I wanted to be induced. I was 1 1/2 cm and 50% Effaced and the baby had not dropped but for some reason I felt like it was the right decision and that I could trust my body to do what it needed to do. My Dr agreed, although with a ton of reservations. I knew she didn't think I could do it. The baby was estimated to be 9lbs 9oz. I'm 5'10 and not smally built. I knew I could. The induction was scheduled at 3 am Tuesday.. just a few short/long hours away!

    I think I had been contracting all week. No pain, just stomach hardening, but never having felt it before I thought it was probably nothing. I had two contractions before they ever gave me pitocin and that was only a few minutes of monitoring. I was excited to hear that as it confirmed that my body was already preparing.

    By 4am I had my pitocin drip and began contracting immediately although I didn't feel it. I soon did and it wasn't bad at all! Then at 8am, she came in and broke my water. HOLY COW! Epi please. It was amazing how fast and how hard it got. I was uncomfortable after that, then I was good for a while. The baby didn't like certain positions. No emergency, just that I should switch positions here and there. So they helped me move to my side. They did this a few times over the next few hours. I was uncomfortable after that, then I was good for a while. Even dozed for maybe 10 minutes. When I woke the nurses were in the room and they said I had to move again and they'd like to sit me up a bit to see if baby would move down. I knew it was going to be horrible because my lower back hurt as it has all week. I was right. It hurt! I called them and had them come in to move me back to my side after 30 minutes of breathing exercises. They did and left again. I was 4cm. Not even a minute later I was in terrible back pain. I was in uncontrollable tears and hubby called the nurses back in the room for me. It was agonizing waiting for them to arrive. My legs felt like dead weight and I had it in my head that needed to be remedied. The nurse asked if I needed more medicine and I said no.. I just want to move my legs... can the Epi be turned off? She didn't recommend that. The nurses moved me... I was pretty picky about it too.. I made them align my legs so that I had no curve in my back. They were so patient and helpful. They asked again if I needed more medicine as I was still in a lot of pain. She told me that my legs weren't going to get heavier feeling and I agreed. The extra medicine kicked in and I completely relaxed. Seeing that I was happy and settled, they checked me again. 7 cm... In 20 mins I had progressed from 4 to 7. I guess they called the Dr after that to come see me. By the time she got there.. 5 to 10 minutes later? I was 9 and then the whole room was a frenzy. The baby's heart rate wanted me on my back and stayed steady the whole delivery which lasted maybe 5 contractions and he was born at 3:49 pm.

    Almost 12 hours of labor... Joshua Camden 9lbs 15 ozs 23 inches long and 1 full week overdue! VBAC! Only a small tear and one stitch. So incredibly happy... I cried.. I laughed... I had horrible back labor but it was worth it. The Dr said "Congratulations, I really didn't think you could do it but you certainly proved me wrong". He's perfection.

    I feel amazing. It is so different than my previous C-Section. I can move around. I can take baths. I have energy. I am breastfeeding. I could do none of that before. I cry just thinking about how wonderful it is and how amazing it went. It solidifies my feelings of wanting a third.

    I had a good experience at Woman's Hospital, although I still have reservations on what could have happened if my delivery hadn't been so easy. I was never questioned by the nursing staff during my whole stay. They respected me. The lactation consultant was amazing with me and I have her to thank for being able to breastfeed Joshua. For showing me that is was possible. I hope my Dr grew with the experience of a VBAC when she thought all the odds were stacked against me and I do thank her for not forcing any wish on me.

    Dr Dickerson came to visit me the day after (my Dr was off) and he said he was proud of her for allowing me to VBAC & he was so pleased with me for doing so. With a 10lb baby too! You could tell he was impressed and happy to see it was done. I can see why the VBAC community speaks so highly of him. We marveled at the differences of each delivery and then with a congratulations he was on his way. Probably not realizing his impact.

    Anyway, life has truly blessed our little family. I hope that it blesses yours.

    41 Weeks

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    Oh! I'm so glad everything went so well Brandy! He is a cutie! And what a big fella. Congrats on your VBAC! That really is awesome with such a big guy. Being able to get up after delivery and shower and breastfeed is such a great feeling, eh? I am glad you got the birth experience you had been hoping for!
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    WOW 10 pounds! So awesome, and so so glad you had your VBAC! Back labor is no joke, and I totally can relate to the feeling you were having with not wanting more epi meds because it does make your legs feel horrible...I had that same thing with my first, it's really yucky. BUT all worth it when you are holding a big beautiful baby boy at the end! Congrats, he's just adorable!

    ~ Kaci

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    Congratulations! What an amazing story.
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    Wonderful story....CONGRATS on your VBAC! You did an awesome job, and he is just beautiful!!! Enjoy every minute with that little squish.
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