Birth plans?
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Thread: Birth plans?

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    Default Birth plans?

    Has anyone started to consider birthing options? For those of you who have already been through the process, what will you try to do differently? Or better yet, are you hoping for a similar birth experience?

    Since this is my 4th and I've never labored naturally, without epidural, that is what I'm shooting for. Prayerfully it will happen!

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    I had an epidural and a beautifully easy birth with my daughter.
    With my son, I had a natural birth, he got a bit stuck, and I bled after too much (they had to give me meds for it to stop- a lot of them. The next day I felt like a truck had run me over.
    If possible, I would love a lovely calm room, in a birthing center/hospital, with my midwife, and an epidural.
    I just don't see the benefit to going without it again.
    Where I'm going now offers water birth...I'm not so sure it sounds great, but I might do some research on it...
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    I have had one scary birth, one perfect birth, and one tedious but I guess okay birth (in that order). I'd love another natural like my 2nd, but if my water breaks and labor never starts (like with #1 and #3) or baby is in distress (like #1) then I'll do whatever has to be done. If I get pitocin I'm getting and epidural. Natural labor is way easier than induced labor.
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    I will attempt a natural birth for the third time. My biggest thing I think with the last two was going in to early in labour. I'm going to stay at home a bit longer this time.
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    I have had natural/no epi labors with all three other kids. My last birth with the mid-wife in the hospital here was fantastic. 9 1/2 hours start to finish (short for me)... labored naturally with basically only DH in the room until the end. My water broke in the early morning, headed to the hospital shortly after. Used the birthing ball, took a long shower... everything was great. I didn't tear at all. Up and around the next day ready to go home. Really hoping this labor is the same. My first was 36+ hours with 2 doses of Stadol. My 2nd labor was 15ish hours with no medication. So, my last one seemed really easy. Will be using the exact same "birth plan" this time around.
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    I had a natural birth center birth last time (labored and pushed but did not deliver in water), and that's my plan again. I do agree about staying home longer this time, though--I had a LONG (24 hour) labor last time, but I had to go in early because I was just hours away from "risking out" of the center to the hospital (you have to be in labor by 41 weeks to birth at the center--it was 9:30pm of the night I would have risked out at midnight when I went in!) This time I am definitely going to try to be a lot more relaxed about it. I think my stress over the "risking out" made everything much more difficult than it needed to be.
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