16 week appointment

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16 week appointment

Had my first appointment with my OB today.

Blood pressure was good (this time, next month it could be high again)

I am up 7 lbs for the entire pregnancy - this is excellent since at 16 weeks with my last pregnancy I had already gained 25 lbs....for a 40 week total of 65 lbs!!

They drew more blood some was standard and some was because I have an awesome rash on my belly only and they believe it's to early for pregnancy induced rashes. Nothing else has changed in my environment so we will see what happens.

They had a hard time getting the heart beat, the dr heard it but I didn't get too Sad same as my last pregnancy Jack was so busy that they always had a hard time.

They asked if I had heard of a VBAC I laughed...they will be booking the c-section for 39 weeks Smile

My 20 week appointment and ultrasound are booked for June 3

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So exciting!! I gained 34 with DS #1, and 40 with DS #2. I started about 15-20 lbs lighter with DS #2 though. I am getting HUGE already this time. NOT super stoked about it either. I'm not able to wear any of my pants already and I still just look fat. So I'm jealous you have been able to keep the weight gain so low. Hmmm.. I wonder what your rash could be... I have Psoriasis and it has improved during my pregnancy. Man, the things that happen to our bodies is amazing eh?

I have had some bleeding and I am a bit nervous. It started with brown spotting, and then I had a gush and ran to the bathroom to find bright red blood. It was just the one gush, and has gone back to brown spotting. I immediately checked for a HB on my doppler, and was able to find it very easily. Have been checking daily, and still find the HB very quickly and it's always strong and between 145-160. I can't help but be on the nervous side though.

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WOW that's scary... I would be freaking out and going to the OB or Emergency department. I guess as long as you are finding a heartbeat that's the important part.

Your jealous about my lack of weight gain...I am jealous that you have heard your baby's heart beat....with DS i was able to hear at 9 weeks...stupid placenta!!

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Marianne - Sounding pretty good over there!!

Lyndee - I wish you didn't have to deal with all those scares!!