24 week appt. (3 days till 24 weeks).

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24 week appt. (3 days till 24 weeks).

Hi Ladies!!

Today I had an appt. Nothing special. Baby girl's heartbeat nice and strong. Just asked some general questions, got my answers but what I'm not happy about........my weight gain in the last month. YUCK! 11 lbs. This whole month, I've felt great. Just like normal eating habits as if I wasn't pregnant and I don't feel like I'm 11 lbs. heavier though my belly has grown. WTH?! What I did like hearing from the doctor is that at 26 weeks, I begin 3rd trimester. Ok, seriously, where'd the time go? I was just dragging through the 1st and now we're already talking about the 3rd??? I guess it's a good thing...my belly is really starting to stretch by the end of the day and it's getting uncomfortable. A little swelling noticable in my feet/ankles, especially in the left. Watching that closely. Oh, lastly, this little girl is kicking the crap out of me! (pardon my language) But it's a doozy. My son was nothing like this and his birth has affected me negatively in a way of how I touch or hear things. Meaning, if you have something not normal (let's say a lump) on your skin, I won't touch it. It makes me feel nauseous and grossed-out to feel it. Also, graphic stories gross me out too, just the explanation makes me feel woozy. Some of her kicks make me feel this way. I'm not sure this feeling will ever go away. Don't get me wrong, I love feeling her. She reminds me everyday, all day, she's there. There's just certain kicks that just make me feel ewwwwyy....LOL

On another note, mini vaca this Monday-Thursday in Vegas. Spent $50 (ouch!) on a maternity swimsuit. I can't wait to lay out at the pool and eat some good food (certainly not going to help out the weight gain either). This will be our last vacation as a family of 3. My son's first airplane flight and his yearly trip (we usually go to Disneyland, but we cancelled since I got pregnant).

How are you ladies doing??? LOL