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Thread: Anyone have any idea...

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    Default Anyone have any idea...

    of why i can click the oct 2014 link at home and be redirected to some random board? yet when im on another computer i can access it just fine? this is crazy! i cant come on here and check in!

    in other news- tomorrow first ultrasound of the baby!! im super excited!!!! cross your fingers and keep me and baby in your prayers that it all goes well. this is my first go round with being pg

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    I'm sorry that you have been having issues. Trust that you're not alone unfortunately! I posted this as an announcement but wanted to post it here in hopes that you will see it. I'll also try dropping you an email with the same:

    Have you been having difficulty accessing your favorite boards? Some members have reported an issue when clicking on a particular board link ending up on a thread on a completely different forum.

    Please try to clear your cached files / cookies, log back in through the homepage at and navigating back to see if that resolves things for you. (You will need to do this on EVERY device / computer you access the site from.) A file may have become corrupt when our hosting service was recently changed. If you continue to have problems send an email to

    I'm very sorry for the frustration and inconvenience. I hope that this solution will work for you as it has for others.


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