Happy Friday!

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Happy Friday!

Hello to everyone! Hope you are all well, I'm new to this. My name is Kelly, I have a DF, Ryan, this weekend we planned on celebrating our 3 year anniversary this weekend. Little did we know what we were in store for. DF, has two children from his prior marriage. We have been a happy family sharing time with his girls every other weekend. We recently got engaged, and were not purposefully trying for a BFP, but wished to one day have a family. Both of us work full time jobs, and we were enjoying life just going on with no rush or worry of anything.

Planning a dinner for our anniversary, I looked at our calendar and realized that my period ( which is always on time at 29 days per cycle) was late. I took my birthcontrol religiously and never skipped. How does this happen? How did I not realize that I was 9 days late?!? I mentioned it to my DF before we went to work and he said to not worry. We came home for lunch and I peed on an old home hcG test. it showed one strong pink line and one light pink line.... I went back to work and he went to the store and bought me a clear blue easy test. 3 minute wait time... We passed the time by playing some silly $1 scratch off cards.. I didn't win anything. He won a dollar. I told him to go in the bathroom and read the test because I was too scared to do it myself. I heard him give a slight laugh and come back with a big smile... I cried. I cant explain the emotion, Happy, Excited, Elated, Scared, and Overwhelmed. All at once. What am I going to do? I called my mom and she quelled some of my fears and told me the next few steps of calling the doctors office Monday morning.

So, Happy Friday to us, and Happy 3 year anniversary.. I cant believe it!

All I can say is "WOW!" Thanks, be to God that he has a sense of humor, because he really threw me a curve ball. I am a planner for everything.. and this.. even though unplanned is a huge blessing and I could not be more ecstatic. I look forward to seeing what this journey has to offer to open my eyes, and meeting you ladies as you all go down your own path and experiences.

Cheers! Heres to baby blessings and BFPs!!!!!:D

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Congratulations! You're in for an amazing ride!

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Wow congratulations!

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Congrats Kelly!!! Glad you choose to share your adventure with us!!

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congrats Kelly!

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Congratulations!!! Smile

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