I announced to everyone on Friday....

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I announced to everyone on Friday....

....boy, did I get a better reaction from FB than my own family!! Plus, one of my stepsister's never responded to my news. Am I letting this bother me for no reason??? :confused:

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Hoooray!! It feels so good to finally get the word out doesn't it? Im still waiting to tell my FB friends and family but my news was well received by all family I told. Don't let your step sisters thunderstorm ruin your rainbow. Maybe she doesn't know how to react to your news.

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I told my family with in a couple of days of getting a positive. I told my work last night, but to be honest most of them have been coming to me all week asking if I was so it was no surprise!! LOL

I wouldn't let it bother you. Its tough because most don't resound that way to pregnancy news but maybe she has other things going on and not sure what to say....

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I have to say, I agree with you! The people at work seemed more excited for us then our own family. I guess since this is our third baby, it's just old news now. Also, they had to watch us go through the pain of two losses so DH thinks they are just nervous. But I think that is just him trying to keep my emotions at bay. Oh well, it's really so exciting for us so it doesn't matter what anybody else thinks.

Plus, WE are all excited enough for each other we don't need anybody else to patronize us! Wink