I was locked out... I'm back!! Finding out B or G tomorrow! :)

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I was locked out... I'm back!! Finding out B or G tomorrow! :)

Ladies!! Oh how I have missed you. Smile I was somehow locked out of our board for the past week or so, and it has been killing me. How is everyone?!?

I have my next check up tomorrow, and we made a second appointment for gender identification. The thing of it is, I really feel like this one is another boy. I think this Mama was meant to raise a herd of little men. Smile I am so excited to know for sure though, still trying to figure out a cute gender reveal. You girls have any ideas? Do you ladies know when you are finding out?? This is probably the most exciting part of pregnancy to me, I can't wait!!

While I am going on and on.. I thought I would just mention how much I love you guys. Smile It's so nice to have you here to let me rant and complain. I can't wait to see photos of your little ones when they arrive. I'm just full of love today.

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I was so worried and feeling lonely here....:( glad you are back. Even if it's only a small group of us...I still look forward to talking to you!

I will hopefully find out gender on June 3 at my 20 week ultrasound. Hopefully this one shows us!! Keep us posted on what you are having. Can't wait to hear!! Smile

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May 20th is my appt and gender reveal party. We're going to take Tyler out of school early so he can go to the appt with us. When we find out, we are going to Build-A-Bear and making a girl or boy bear to reveal at the party for family. I'm having family wear their team color: pink or blue! I'm so excited! (After the 12 week ultrasound and 16 week appt, I have a feeling it's a boy, but I'm never the one to have intuition type of senses, so I can't get all excited...lol).