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Hi ladies!
I was on this site 6-7 years ago when I was TTC and finally conceived my daughter after 14 months. We were completely taken by surprise on Friday when I took a hpt and got a BFP!!!!!! I keep track of my periods on intimacies on my phone (DH and I just try to avoid the fertile window and have not used any contraception since my daughter was born 5 years ago since I struggled the first time around, we figured it wouldn't come easily-boy were we wrong as this was the first time I forgot to check if it was my fertile window and I got pregnant!!!) so I know exactly when this baby was conceived so my due date is October 29, 2014:) We are thrilled but also a little scared as my daughter has very mild autism (she was moderate prior to the various alternative treatments we are doing and now she is on her way to being recovered!!!) so we are going to do as much as we possibly can to make sure this baby is as healthy as possible and I am happy that he/she was conceived naturally so my toxic burden will be lower so he/she is already off to a better start:) Now I am rambling lol! Sorry! I look forward to sharing this journey with all of you:)

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Congratulations & Welcome to the board!!!!!!

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Congrats and welcome to the board!!

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It always happens when you're least expecting it!! DH and I have been trying on and off since DS #2 was six months old, and after two losses we had put "trying" on the back burner. Now all three kiddos will be exactly 3yrs & 3mos apart, and I'm due right around my birthday. It sure feels like fate, and it seems yours is as well!


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Congrats and welcome!