A little update, a little late....16 week appt.

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A little update, a little late....16 week appt.

Hi Ladies,

I do appreciate our little group of ladies too!! Although, I come by time to time, I'm always on Baby Bump App which has sooooo many people. Ridic. Here, less drama for sure! LOL I like coming here for the calmness of it all.

My son got to come to my 16 week appt because he had the day off of school. The doc made him hold the doppler and put it on my belly. He wouldn't push hard enough (probably afraid he'd hurt me or the baby) so the doc would use her hand to push down until a heartbeat was heard. I think he was just in awe, but it was cute. She measured me at 17 weeks (which this piece of info makes me think of a boy, but I know not to solely go off of this), which is consistent with my son and measuring so much further along. I just didn't think I would already be measuring later this early, we'll see what happens at the 20 week appt.

As far as weight, I'm up 10 lbs. Now that I'm feeling pretty good, I don't think I'm eating as much but I don't want to get on a scale either. LOL Though, I still want food from anywhere but home. LOL

And best part, I feel baby everyday!! Consistently at 18 weeks.

I still feel this is unreal. I think with my son, I was just happy and went along with it. This time, I'm still trying to come to terms with it.