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I need to rant for a moment.....

This pregnancy had brought a CRAP load of morning sickness for me. I have been vomiting and gagging ALL day long, I walk around most of the day looking unpleasant and crappy feeling.

Not pleasant but worth the end result.

My girl friend is currently staying with us and has never been pregnant so I get that she won't understand. BUT at least once a day she asks me if I'm sick. So my answer is always one of two....

1) yes it's called morning sickness - to which she will reply but it's dinner time or
2) oh with what??

Now I get that some of you are thinking she doesn't know. BUT this has been going on for 5 weeks and everyday!!!!

I just would have hoped that by now she would not ask anymore or get the hint on how to ask. Maybe something along the lines of - is your morning sickness bad today??

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UGH!! Why are people so annoying?? Haha, it doesn't help that we have very little patience either. Even my five year old son said to my Mom the other day, when she mentioned "Tomorrow when your Mommy feels better" he said - "Gigi, she is going to be sick tomorrow. She is sick everyday."

I have to say though, since being in the ER and getting these new dissolvable Zofran I have been SO MUCH better! I'm defiantly still sick, I feel it in my belly. But I don't HAVE the throw up all day long. It's making work manageable. Have you talked to your doc about being prescribed anything? I was SO nervous to take anything because of the two losses we suffered prior to this LO, but I have been reassured that it is just fine, no harm will come to baby.

I feel you though, can't people just leave us alone? God forbid we get cut a little slack!! Wink

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Glad you are doing better!!

I did get a prescription for something but didn't fill it..... I am such a worry wort that I was afraid that if I didn't feel sick I would always be worrying that something was wrong. I told people that fist tri morning sickness is normal if it progressed past 12 weeks I would get it filled.

I however probably won't need to fill it the last couple of days I have begun to feel so much better. I now only feel sick when I am hungry or haven't eaten in about 2-3 hours or if I'm really tired so usually at night time. So happy that that's almost over.

I am now developing some more new "awesome" pregnancy symptoms :
Huge amount of discharge...from you know where ( I actually forgot how much can happen)
I woke up with a bloody nose this morning
I have a small amount of bleeding form my gums when I brush (I had this last time as well)
AND my boobs are killing me more then when I was on the progesterone!

Oh the joys of pregnancy!!!

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So my body made a liar of me today and I was back to throwing up and feeling like crap all day long!!!