Someone help put my mind at ease....

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Someone help put my mind at ease....

So Im due Oct 20th which puts me almost 6 weeks. I had my first appt on Thursday and the doc did an exam and I always bleed after an exam. well all day thursday I waited for the spotting to start and it never did. Then yesterday morning I woke up and there was some pink spotting that by mid day had turned to brown. Never enough to use a pad but every time i used the bathroom it was there. well I was going to call the doc but it just stayed brown until about 9PM last night and then it turned red and thicker. (still not enough to need a pad) all night I kept waking up and going to check and it was still red every time I went to the bathroom. Then this morning it was red with a couple of small clots. and has been deep red all morning But still no no need for a pad. I have had 5 losses and 2 successful pregnancies. I know that if I have lost it there is nothing the doc can do at this point but is there a chance that its just from my exam on Thursday?

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I can't really help you but from what I have read if you don't' have cramps then you should be fine...but I'm not an expert.

How are you doing tonight??

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Since you aren't even using pads or liners, it sounds like you are ok. Please keep us posted on how you are doing!!

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I would ask your doctor for two beta tests, two days apart. The two day wait is excruciating but so worth it.