Thoughts on gender?

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Thoughts on gender?

I am already calling this one a 'she'. When I was pregnant with DS Jack I was calling him a "he" at this stage as well and I was right.

Ultimately I want to make it to 12 weeks and then to delivery and have a healthy baby no matter the gender but it will be fun to see if mommy's intuition is right again.

What about everyone else, any thoughts yet on gender....did you have feelings about previous pregnancies and were you right???

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I had a serious intuition with DS #1, I just knew it was a boy from day one. DS #2 I wasn't sure one way or another. With this LO, it HAS to be a girl. I cannot BELIEVE how sick I am. I never knew it was possible to feel this terrible due to pregnancy. It's either a girl or TWINS!!

Hahaha, obviously no parent actually cares. All we want is a healthy baby, but there is a part of me that really would love to have a little herd of boys running around. My boys sure do adore their Mommy. Not sure I would know what to do with a girl. SO excited either way.

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Not a clue!!! LOL I just need it to be a boy! LOL

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Out of the 3 kids I have now I only knew for sure that my son was a boy, with my girls I never really knew either way. With this one honestly we just want a healthy baby because our son was born with a birth defect and wasn't healthy and we are still struggling with a few things (he has had 9 surgeries so far and has speech and developmental delays). However, dh says girl for sure he just knows it, I say boy only cause I would love to dress up another little girl and I have a girl name I just LOVE so it will probably be a boy. Son wants a boy more than anything, he said we already have enough girls, lol.