Update:) and u/s pic:)

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Update:) and u/s pic:)

Hey ladies:) Sorry I have been MIA...been pretty busy round here lately! I had another doctor appointment on Monday and the doc couldn't find the heartbeat with the doppler (which he said was VERY common at this stage of pregnancy) so he did a very quick u/s just to see the heartbeat and do a quick measure and so I got to see the heartbeat and he said the baby was measuring right at 9.5 weeks along so everything looks great!!! I went yesterday and got my labs done and I have the full u/s appointment along with my regular monthly checkup on the 30th of this month:) Hope you all are doing well!!:)

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So exciting!!! Congrats!!! Smile

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Congrats!! Love seeing the little ones on U/S !!
Thanks for sharing