this waiting is for the birds!

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this waiting is for the birds!

So even though this is baby #4 I honestly don't remember having to wait this long before seeing my dr for the first time. I don't go in for my first dr appt until March 24, when I am 10 weeks. Is this normal now? It has been 6 yrs since my last pregnancy so maybe things have changed?

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When I was pregnant with DS (who is now 3) I didn't see my Dr until after I missed my second period. So I would have been around 9 weeks when I first saw him. This time around because we did fertility treatments there hasn't been a point yet where I haven't see my dr. I had 2 betas done and I go for an ultrasound next week at 6 weeks. I think 10(ish) weeks is still standard depending on your situation.

Good luck with things!! Smile

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I remember with my 1st, seeing my regular doctor to confirm and get a referral. I felt like I went to my OBGYN right away. This time around, I'm going at 8 weeks.

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I have already had two betas, but my first US appointment is not until April first, I will be close to eleven weeks.

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wow, I feel lucky! I don't know if I got in early because of my past medical history or not. back in feb of 2012 I had a routine surgery go horribly wrong and that now puts me as a high risk because my aorta got ruptured in that surgery. best wishes with all of you ladies, and I hope to hear wonderful news from you all very soon!