16 week belly pics

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16 week belly pics

For anyone interested. I just posted in April so I thought I'd share with you ladies too.

Here are my 16 week belly pics
This is 16 weeks compared to 12 weeks....

And here is 16 weeks with #3 compared to 16 weeks with Odin. I didn't start taking pics with DS1 until 23 weeks. I am showing way smaller this time IMO. I was soooo big by 16 weeks last time :eek: Man that it crazy the difference!

Finally rocking some maternity jeans since its going to rain today and although my reg. jeans fit, they are so uncomfortable to sit down in. Finally can say I have a mini bump even if you can only see it in snug fitting clothes!

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Wow, that is a difference! Good reminder that every pregnancy IS different! lol. Smile

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LOL, Joy, that's interesting that you are so much smaller this time than with Odin. As you know, I'm having the opposite happen. At 16 weeks with Lyla you could hardly tell I was pg, but this time I'm HUGE! Maybe I'll get around to taking my 18 week pic tomorrow.

You look great! I'm totally jealous of what a cute pregnant lady you are. I look like a cow. Blum 3

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Your belly is so cute!

I carried differently with each kid, for sure. Their position sometimes made a 4-6 cm difference in fundal height measurements!

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Your belly is adorable!

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Love your cute bump!

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Adorable belly! Its amazing how differently you're carrying this time. I smell a girl!

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It's lovely!

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Very cute bump! i'm also guessing girl Smile

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Wow, what a difference. Very cute bump you have there!

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That is a big difference, but both bumps are totally cute!!

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cute bump what a difference!

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So cute!

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Maybe it's a GIRL!!!! Smile you are certainly much smaller this time.... love your bump

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