18 month appointment

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18 month appointment

Number one who gave my tiny baby permission to be 18 months old.
We had his appointment today, and even though I had all intentions of lying about some issues if need be I am too damn honest and told them how he still doesn't sleep through, but I had the good nurse today and she just noted it and asked how I felt about it. Also no dramas with still breastfeeding, I think she was pleasantly surprised actually.
Also no dramas with hsi weight, she was the first nurse to say he is proportional and there are no worries. They also used the big boy scale for Ronin today, which he was awesome at because he stands on the bathroom scales after me at home.

Weight- 10.10kg (22lbs) 10th percentile
Length- 76.3cm (30inches) 5th percentile
Head circ- 49cm (19 inches) above the 75th percentile.

So all in all he is healthy and developing well accroding to them.

He had two needles, his chicken pox and a catch up because they added strains to one of the vaccines which only became available 2 days after his 12month appt. He was so good, he watched the nurse put the needle in and only cried when she pushed the serum in. He was so brave and the nurse was awesome because she kept pretending to give needles to some of the toys in the room to help calm him down as well, so Ronin now thinks all the toys got needles and started pointing out toys who had to have them.

I'll put some pictures up soon, need to find the blue tooth piece for the computer.

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Sounds like a fabulous appointment! Way to grow proportionally, Ronin! I'm glad you got the good nurse. I bet the not so good nurses were off harassing new FTMs. They save the good nurses for moms who are set in their ways and won't listen to their nonsense. Wink

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I have a feeling the goodnurse is the only one there now. I had to ring them for work the other day and constantly got the answering machine, when they phoned back the next day she said she had a day off so no one was there.

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Always good to like the nurse! Sounds like a fantastic appointment. Smile

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Yay for a good appt.! I'm glad you got a good nurse. Sounds like he is growing great!

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Sounds like a great appointment! I'm glad you got the good nurse!

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Yay for a great appt and the good nurse.