On the 4th day PTing...

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On the 4th day PTing...

Survived potty training boot camp this weekend and Odin's been diaper free (expect for night sleep) since Wednesday!

Day 1 there was only 4 pee accidents which was awesome considering we were at a relatives house for a few hours and in the car for two hours round trip.
Day 2, three pee accidents.
Day 3, one pee accident.
Day 4 (today), 1 accident involving pee. Odd since he's pooped on the potty for a long time now.

Fingers crossed that all goes well tomorrow when we've got lots of other kids and distraction around. I refuse to go back to diapers at this point.

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Yahoo well done Odin!!!

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That's really awesome progress!! I'd quit front loading liquids soon so as to give him (and you) a better idea of what his normal is. Working on pulling pants on and off will help a ton. Daycare actually taught Teagan Smile

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YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!! Go, Odin!!! Even with accidents, it's so much nicer to be diaper free. Sounds like you guys are totally right on track.

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WTG Odin!

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That sounds awesome!!