6 month appointment

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6 month appointment

Well they are happy with Ronin's development and his needles didn't bother him and if that was all they looked at we wouldn't have to go back until he is 12 months old. However his weight has dropped from the 50th to the 25th percentile. He has only put on 2.2 pounds in the past 2 months to be a total of 15.4 pounds. They aren't too concerned he was born on the 25th percentile and he is more active so weight gain does slow, but because he dropped off his curve I have to take him back in a month to be weighed again. Other than that he is perfect, around 25th percentile for length at 25.5inches and above 50th for head circ at 17.4 inches, but he has always had his head circ up above the 50th percentile.

Here are a couple of pictures from last night

Playing with his first football, he also has two football jerseys for a big football event that is coming up

Showing off his sitting, sorry it's so blurry

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Glad everything went good!! He is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I wonder what chart they used. Perhaps they used a chart based on formula fed babies and that explains the drop. I wouldn't worry one bit. He looks and acts perfect and is perfectly cute too. I'm glad he took his shots well!

Oh, and that looks like a rugby ball to me ;). DH played in college and wants Teagan to play when she gets older. I'd prefer she played something a little less brutal ... like track. I'd let her play rugby but there's no way she'll be allowed to play American football. Girls typically don't anyway but I'd put my foot down even if she were a boy. You have to post pics of him in his jerseys!

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Cute pictures!!! Smile

It stinks you have to take him back next month, but at least they're keeping on eye on him just in case. Maybe he's just growing at his own pace. Smile

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aww, so cute. Look at him sitting up!!

And I'm sure he's growing fine, growing always slows around now, I really wish the health professionals didn't worry mums so much about it!

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Im glad he seems to be doing well. I wouldnt worry too much about the weight drop.. Has he been sleeping more at night?

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Awww, love the pics!
Try not to worry about his weight. Things totally slow at this point. I'm sorry they have you worring about it.

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I'm not too worried, it's just a pain having to take him back because I have to take time off work to do it. I believe they use the breastfed charts here, it doesn't actually say on the top though.
Yes it's a rugby league ball, but I have friends who are huge rugby union fans so they will teach himall about that, including buying him his first wallabies jersey.
He hasn't eally been sleeping more at night, maybe on average since the cyclone he has been sleeping less. We went from one wake up per night to about 5.

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Such cute pics!! TFS!! Smile He looks perfectly healthy to me!! KUP on how his weight is when he's in next month - I'm sure there's nothing to worry about!