6 Month Appt (XP)

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6 Month Appt (XP)

Teagan's 6 month appointment was this morning. I still cannot believe I have a 6 month old! She had a fever last night so her well baby appointment was also a sick baby appointment. Turns out she has a double ear infection, poor Monkey. Our doc gave us a script for antibiotics so we can kick this thing in the butt. We went ahead and did her shots today as he said her being sick wasn't going to be a problem. I figured she was going to be fussy. Why not just get it over with. She screamed her little head off like she always does but over came it quickly. She weighed in at 19.5 lbs (90th%), measured 26.75 inches (75th%), and her noggin' is 17.75 inches (97th%). All right on her curve. She's been slowly sinking from the 99th% on all fronts but we're obviously not worried because I'm fairly certain she won't be 7 feet tall and weigh 300 lbs when she's grown ;). My doc asked if she was sitting and babbling. Yeppers, good. He asked if she was texting yet. Nope, well maybe she's delayed :rolleyes:. I asked about the connection between teething and fever (as it makes no sense to me) and he said it's just something docs tell parents so they won't demand antibiotics every time their kid gets a fever. That's why I love our doc.

Here are a few pics from her first "camping" trip this weekend! My Dad just got an RV so we joined him out at Rockhound State Park in New Mexico. It's not exactly my kind of camping but we had a blast nonetheless and having the RV made it super easy with Teagan. She slept really well the whole weekend but screamed for 2 hours on the way there. I think our next trip will have to be closer.

Our little rockhound. Daddy apparently doesn't think she needs her nose wiped for picture time.

Thanks for the pool Grandpa! (It actually has a NO DIVING warning on it :rolleyes:)

Mommy's camping hair is awesome.

Snuggling in the sun.

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Poor little thing! Shots and sick in one day! But your right at least she is getting it over with at the same time.. Desert camping isnt really my style either! I like to go on hikes in the trees..

Im glad she is growing great!

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wow, she's a big girl Smile

I love the no diving warning on the paddling pool Lol

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Love the pics! Glad it all went good! hope her fever goes away fast!
You look great!

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LOL to the no diving on the poor! So cute!
Sounds like she is growing great! Poor baby with the double EI. Hope she gets better soon.

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Sounds like she's still growing great! Smile Hopefully the antibiotics will clear up the ear infection quickly, so you can be done with that.

TFS the cute pictures. And you know the only reason that there's a warning sign on that pool is because of some dummy. *sigh*

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Loved the pics! TFS!! Biggrin She is too darned cute!! She's a chunky monkey and I love it!!

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She's adorable! Sorry she's sick but hopefully on the mend soon!