7 month appointment

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7 month appointment

We had our well baby check a month late since we had a NICU follow-up at 6 months. Everything looks great and we had some amazing growth these last 5 weeks. Odin is now 15lbs 5oz (up almost 1.5lbs) and 28 inches (up 2 inches)! :eek: Yahoo Man that is more than he has grown/gained in any month or few months pretty much ever. DH is also pretty proud since he took Odin to the well baby check all on his own and did a great job fielding all the questions and not getting bullied around by the nurses about some of our parenting choices.

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that's great!!

And OMG your ticker!!!! your going to TTC soon!!! eep!!

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That's wonderful! Glad your DH handled the appt well. Smile

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great appointment, DH did well!!!

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Wow! 2 inches! Way to grow, Odin! He's quite tall now. Your siggy pic is really sweet. And that other new addition to your siggy ... lovin' it! I can't wait to follow you through your next pregnancy!

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:woohoo: Go Odin!!

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Awesome job mommy & daddy!! Odin's looking GREAT Smile He's gonna be a tall boy by the sounds of it Smile