7 month update

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7 month update

Teagan will be 7 months on Monday! I know, I don't believe it either :eek:. Anyway, since tomorrow is Easter and Monday is ... well ... a Monday, I thought I'd update today. Grad school finally caught up with me so I haven't been able to do much other than lurk and post occasionally. I'd like to think it'll get easier after finals but that would be an awful awful lie. Busy as I am though, I'm loving it.

Teagan is on the verge of becoming a tiny little terror. She's started to pull up on things even though she isn't really crawling. She scoots backwards around the house and spins around to grab everything in sight. It's not a very efficient method of transportation but it gets her into enough trouble. I swear, if we had carpet she'd be crawling like a maniac. Our hardwood and tile are slippery thus making it difficult for her to get her knees up under her. That won't last long. Try as I might to keep her immobile, I give it three weeks before she's hands and knees crawling. Yeah, I'll be baby proofing this weekend.

The little stinker is FINALLY taking a bottle. I don't know what kind of magic the ladies at daycare are performing but she now takes a bottle every day without much effort. She's doing so well at daycare that we've decided to switch her from 4-5 hour days to 6-7 hour days starting in July. DH and I will have our evenings together once again! It'll be better for everyone as we'll be able to keep a more consistent schedule day to day.

She's babbling like crazy. All day long it's Dadadadada Blablablabla Gagagagagaga. No mamas yet. I think she realizes how much that drives me crazy. She's also starting to actually enjoy her solids. She's up to eating at least 2 oz at lunch time and she grazes at breakfast and dinner. Popping her into the high chair and throwing her something is a great way to get cooking done. I'd put her on the floor in the kitchen but she somehow manages to get into the dog water every time. She can't even crawl! How does she do it?! It's like the dog dish is a baby magnet. Ew.

Anyway, that's what we've been up to! I'll wrap this up with a montage I like to call ....

Trouble with a capital T. Tesla

Hey, mom! I'd like to demonstrate why it's a good thing you lowered the crib last weekend!

Tada! Next up, figure out how to scale the bookshelves!

The little eeeef oooof noises she makes while trying to do this is HILARIOUS!

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I can't believe she's pulling up!

Soooo glad to hear that she's finally taking a bottle. I'm sure that's a relief to know that she's not going hungry while you're gone. Smile

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wow!!! i am glad this is still quite a ways off for me. Lucas still just lays there:p i can see her little teeth!! soo cute

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cute! hard to believe she's 7 months!.....DS isn't quite to 6 months yet Smile

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OMG!! Pulling up!! Tobey is still too lazy to sit Lol He can, he just won't unless there us something that takes his fancy in front of him

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How cute. She might be taking a bottle at daycare now because she sees the othe kids having one. Ronin eats solids like crazt at day care but less at home because of the watching the other kids factor.

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OMG, she is such a big girl now, pulling up and everything! And YAY for taking a bottle!!!

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Looooooove her!! Smile Just like I said on FB you def got yourself a little super baby there Smile I can't believe Teagan's going to be 7months, when Sophie is JUST hitting 6months!! Wow!! And everything she's doing! I can't imagine Sophie doing any of that!!! WAY TO GO BABY GIRL!!! Biggrin She's keeping you on your toes Smile

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Ahh, look at her go! Good think you lowered that crib! I can totally see her little teeth. Wow, 7 months already. I'm glad she is taking a bottle and enjoying being at daycare.

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Awww. She is so fat and cute!! Lyla pulls herself into a sitting position if she has something to grab onto, but is still a ways away from pulling herself up (I hope!).

It's hard to believe how quickly these babies are growing up!!! Remember how long it took for us to get to 7 months pregnant?