9 month check up

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9 month check up

We went in for Odin's 9 month appointment/sick baby check. I was trying to get out of this appointment but after 4 days of vomit and the big D, it was time. He seems to be doing better today and was able to keep down some toast & rice. I'm praying the flu is behind him. I got it yesterday bad, so did DS1, but feel much better today.

Anyway he is 16lbs 5oz and 28 1/2 inches long. He is only up a little over a lb from his 6 month weigh in apparently but the doc was at least happy that he seems to have curves in all the right places Biggrin like his cheeks. He's just my little peanut I guess. Other than getting over this nasty flu he seems happy, healthy, and right on track!

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Glad things are going better! Sounds like it's been icky there. Sad
He may be a peanut, but he's a really cute one. I'm jealous that he's staying in clothing sizes for longer! lol

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Glad he is feeling better! I hope you are too!!

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I'm glad he's getting better and the flu seems to be on its way out. Up a lb is up a lb! Teagan was up two and that's a much smaller amount percentage-wise ;). He's just a little guy.

P.S. I'd like this post more if it came with pics! Blum 3

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Sounds like he is doing great, and little is easier on the back!

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Aww, sounds like he's an adorable little peanut! I agree w Erin tho, we def need some pics!! Biggrin

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Joy, our backs are probably doing much better than everyone else's right now because we have peanuts instead of flour sacks LOL! I'm glad everyone seems to be doing better at your house.

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Sorry to hear about the flu...that's no fun at all. Sad

Sounds like he's right on track! Yay!

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i'm glad everyone is feeling better! yay for gaining weight

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I have ALWAYS wanted a tiny baby, and haven't had one yet. My Emma was a little peanut when she was born, but it didn't take long for her to be my chunky monkey!

He's such a cutie pie, you need to post some more pics!