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Advice on Frequency

So I've been there done that twice now (getting pregnant), but want to be most efficient with my TTC efforts this time around Smile

I don't want to TTC for upwards of 9 months again as we did with DS. It always seems that there's conflicting info on whether you should BD daily or every other day around O. What does everyone think is best?
DH has never had any testing, so I assume his sperm counts are normal? Other than the fact that it took us 8-9 months TTC DS (preggers on 1st try with DD), but that could have been a number of reasons - one of us, both of us, or us just both getting older Smile

I have a hard time waiting every other day because I just feel like I'm going to miss my O?

Thoughts? Recommendations?

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I've read every other day throughout your cycle except every day right around when you O. I honestly think that every other day versus every day doesn't really make much of a difference. We tried all that and everything in between and it still took us like 12 cycles to get DD. Sometimes its just luck of the draw.

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We pretty much just did every other day unless on an "off" day I had the most amazing EWCM (extremely rare for me!). Then he got an extra jump. Sperm can hang around for a long time in the right cervical fluid, as in days!

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I agree with Jackie and Erin. We pretty much do every other day unless we just can't do it anymore. Blum 3 Like Jackie said, sperm can live for days in the right conditions so you're not missing any chances by missing every other day. I assume you are already doing this, but have you limited your caffeine, drinking plenty of fluids, etc?

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"alwayssmile" wrote:

Sperm can hang around for a long time in the right cervical fluid, as in days!

Yes, this--you're not going to "miss" your O if you DTD even a couple of days before--sperm last! We did it more like every other day or less and still got pg in one cycle (3 times! 2 early m/cs and finally a baby that stuck with the help of progesterone) and I never did any kind of charting or checking or anything. The only thing I ever did other than DTD more often than normal was to lie around and not get up and go to the bathroom right away. Sometimes it really is just luck of the draw. I wish you the best of luck...

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This is a great book if you want to up your chances of conceiving faster:
Welcome to Taking Charge of Your Fertility

I don't think I would have gotten pregnant with Juliet without it.

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i agree with the taking charge of your fertility book. we didn't change how much we dtd, i was charting and i guess the timing was just right.