AF Issues (TMI)

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AF Issues (TMI)

I know some of you ladies have had some bad AF issues recently but this is out of control.

Got first PP AF 2.5 weeks ago and it was nice and light and over pretty quick. Then yesterday I started spotting randomly with some cramps. This morning I woke up in a flipping puddle. Seriously, a puddle. All day I have been bleeding through a super absorbent tampon and a pad every 1.5 hours :eek: I've gone through 5 pairs of undies today. Like I will stand up from sitting and I can feel it all gushing out of me. We are on vacation and staying at my IL's so luckily I can do laundry but its still so horrible. Just pale and nauseous all day. I know some of you have had this happen recently but this is just crazy. If it keeps up through tomorrow I'll try to go see a doctor I guess. I just don't get why my usual 38+ day, really light cycle, is so horrible this time PP.

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:bighug: Mine actually calmed down the day after I posted. I hope yours gets lighter too

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No advice, just feel bad for ya..

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That really sucks. I hope it gets better quick.

You ladies are starting to scare me... :eek:

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I feel for you ladies. That sounds just awful!! Hope it gets better soon.

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Mine was AWFUL for 4 days. AF's visit lasted for 9 days. I'm really hoping that next cycle is tons better. It's very unsettling waking up in a puddle of your own blood. Sad

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AF came back to me in March. That one was horrible, but she didn't come back after that until May and that was just a couple days of spotting. Then she came again in June and that one was pretty close to pre-prego AF. So hopefully it's a one-time occurance for the rest of you too.

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I"m sorry Sad I feel for ya....ever since I got my tubes tied, my periods are REALLY heavy now. Hate it. Hope it slows down for you soon.

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Seriously, you ladies are freaking me out too.

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That soundsa awful! I'm so sorry that you are dealing w such a horrible AF!!

You ladies and your nightmare AF's are starting to really freak me out too!!! AHHHHH!!