Age inappropriate gifts

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Age inappropriate gifts

Anyone have to deal with this. My brother is the worst, for Christmas he bought Ronin a fishing rod, and now talking to my Mum today it sounds like he is trying to get him a motorbike even though I have said no a million tines. My brother should know better he almost died in a motorbike accident nearly six years ago. Drives me insane

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hmmm, my sister in law isn't good about listening either, but nothing as bad as a motorbike! I just say thank you and put the gift away until he's ready for it. It's annoying though!

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My SIL has given Teagan lip gloss and a set of little wooden pieces that say CHOKING HAZARD all over them. I just said thank you and put them away until Teagan is old enough to play with them.

If you've told him its not something you want Ronin to have and he gives it to him anyway, I see no harm in giving it to charity.

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At least he already has a rod for in a few years? I used to take 5 year olds fishing. Thankfully we all sucked and rarely caught anything!

The worst we've gotten is keepsake items that are breakable. Yeah, like this toddler really cares and is going to do anything with it. And as a boy chances are he won't care about the keepsake item anyway. Maybe his future wife will??? Lol

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Yeah I have all the keepsake things he will never care about put aside in a safe place to pass on once he is married, his wife can look after them at that point. He doesn't have much though, a few baptism things, his St Christopher medal( tradition for the boys granddad to buy it for them in my family for their baptism) and that's about it.

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A couple of months ago, my MIL brought over a big bag of clothes for Rowan, in sizes ranging from 3T - 6. She was sure they'd all fit, even though at the time Rowan was still in 12-18 months. I refuse to store a bag of thrift store clothes for years, so they've all been donated back. I'm just waiting for MIL to ask about why she never sees Rowan wearing any of them.