Ah! the joys of pt

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Ah! the joys of pt

Juliet has taken a liking to running around without a diaper. When I tell her it is time to put one on, she runs to the potty saying: "peepee peepee". Even if she has just gone.
I humor her, let her go one more time, then distract her while I get her diaper on.
DH on the other hand gets impatient. I am trying to impress on him that I don;t want p/t to be a bad experience. Even when she pees on the floor, I take it in stride, focussing on that the kitties on her panties got wet.

She has a thing for our front entrance. If she can get there, she will pee on the floor. I am seriously thinking of putting an extra potty there.

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That's not a bad idea, really!

We are all over the place on this PT thing too. She still hasn't gone at school yet, although she DID go at my mom's on Monday. She goes every morning first thing, but I haven't been giving her as much naked time in the afternoon lately, so we've kind of backslid a little. She was starting to resist, and I do not want to start a power struggle over it (like you say!) so I've backed off a bit. We'll get there.

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Hope you don't mind Anna! Though Louise would appreciate this. Lol

"AnnaRO" wrote:

Poop story: Lyla told me poop earlier but didn't have a poopy diaper. A little later, as I was nursing Kole to sleep, she pooped and then took of her diaper and brought it to me. With the turd sticking out the leg hole of the diaper like it was about to fall out! I got her in the bathroom and then went to put Kole in his crib. When I got back she had unrolled a long trail of TP and was in 'downward dog' position, wiping her bum! Who says kids aren't ready for potty training till after age 2? Mine gets it, she just wants to be a baby like her brother a lot of the time and that keeps setting us back. Crazy girl.

Aiden was so distracted on our trip that it wasn't till the end that he started trying to take off his diaper. Should have seen the looks on my ILs and my SILs faces when I asked Aiden if he needed to use the potty, he signed "potty," and then used the potty (no toilet insert even!) several times on our last day there! Lol Made me feel good that after several all diaper days he still remembered and still liked the potty.

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I've been running around like crazy tring to get ready for our trip tomorow. I left Juliet in her diaper when we got home tonight. When it came time to put her to bed, I took off her diaper. She signed 'potty' and said peepee. I put her down and told her to go potty and come back when she was done. A few minutes later she brings back the potty with poop and pee in it.

I also felt bad for her. After spending a while in a very pissy diaper (me runing erands and DH not thinking of changing her) her little folds were really red. There is no rash where there is a lot of air time. I'll have to keep her well creamed tomorrow and offer lots of potty breaks.

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Teagan had a weird month. She nearly completely reverted to diapers earlier in the month. She wasn't peeing on the potty and she was pooping in her diaper at school. Last week she just up and decided that she was going to go back to using the potty. It might have something to do with her transitioning up to the PTing room at school and getting to finally use the potty there. We've had just one accident in the past few days and she's been using the potty at school. We're pretty much in undies at home all day except for night time.