Aiden's Birthday Party!

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Aiden's Birthday Party!

Here are most of the pictures I did get at his party. Didn't get many sadly. My family decided that I needed to be the one doing all the food refreshing, cake cutting, cake serving, present unwrapping, cleaning up Aiden, etc. But overall it was a great success. I really like how the decorations turned out! Aiden was in a great mood the whole party, though once one present was opened he wasn't interested in opening any more! lol.

Sorry the pics are big. I'm too lazy to change that right now. Blum 3

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everything looks great! the owl theme looks awesome and I loved the owl dip that you posted on fb:p

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Awww! I LOVE it!! It really looks amazing, and that cake turned out perfectly!!

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Your cake looks great. All the decorations are brilliant too and thats one happy looking birthday boy

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Oh wow, everything is SO cute! I love the owl theme. Your cake looks awesome and the decorations are great. I LOVE how you did the photo display of Aiden, if Isabelle hadn't already had her party I would totally steal that idea! Great job!

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Love it all! theme cake and decor. Tfs

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Love all the owl decorations and birthday banners! You did a great job!
Glad the party went well.

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What an awesome party! His cake is so cute and I LOOOOOVE the birthday banner with the timeline of pics! I wish his party had been before Lainey's so I could steal that idea! lol

Did you crochet the hat? I made pretty much the exact same hat for Lainey except in pink and brown (and from the looks of it, I'd say I used the same pattern as that hat). I get tons of compliments on it, it is just the cutest!

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Me, crochet?! HA HA HA HA! ROFL

No, I didn't. I'm making etsy WAHMs rich one at a time. lol

Thanks everyone. I'm glad all my hard work paid off. Smile

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so cute, love the owl theme!!

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Totally cute! Love all the owl stuff. Very cute birthday boy!

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I REALLY, REALLY like how you did each month photo cute, clever Smile

Glad he had a great party, your cake is adorable.

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Wow! You go above and beyond when it comes to Bday Parties:) Loved the theme, pictures, decorations, etc... everything looked amazing! Happy to hear he had a great fun day!!

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Very cute decor and food! The picture timeline is such a good idea. I might have to keep that idea in my pocket for a 16th birthday or something.

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Great pictures. Your cake table looks very tasty!! It looks like Aiden had a good time.

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