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another eating thread

I know we have established that eating for some of our toddlers can be hit or miss but these questions are for the times they do eat.

Ds rarely eats meat..he's all about chicken in various forms and occasionally fish. I'm okay with him not eating meat but at this point is it a texture thing? He will eat it like in spaghetti sauce or things like that but not by itself. How about shrimp or crab? Are they still too young for that?

How about milk? I know it's been talked about before but since I breastfed him up to 18 months I never thought about it because at that point he didn't want anything to do with regular milk. Now he will ask for it by name. How much is too much?

Besides pureeing veggies and sneaking them in how does one get their child to eat em. He does great with fruits but won't touch veggies.

Are you cutting up their food in tiny pieces? Using utensils?

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here goes:

just keep offering meat and he might take it someday. I personally wait on shell fish but we have allergy issues here. If you want to try it, just make sure it's a good time/place to go to the ER if necessary. Shellfish reactions tend to be really bad when they do occur.

My pediatrician says up to 24oz of whole milk until 2 year old, then 16oz of skim, 1% or 2% after 2 years old. That's the top limit but isn't a minimum if they eat a bunch of dairy and get calcium

no idea on the veggies. Livy will eat corn if it's in shepard's pie. That's about the only veggie I can get her to eat at the current moment! DS will eat raw carrotts with dip, corn, and sometimes cooked carrots. Veggies are tough!!!

Nope, medium size pieces other than grapes which I do still chop a bunch. I give Livy baby spoons and a real size fork. She spills all over with a regular spoon so I avoid that!

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Try carrot fries! DS hates veggies but tonight I made carrot fries and he gobbled them up like they were real fries. I just sliced them to fry size, lightly tossed with olive oil and some salt, and baked at 400 degrees for about 25 mins. He LOOOOOVED them.

Aside from that I have no other advice with veggies. LOL!

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I'm thinking of trying other veggie fries but cant decide what would be the next best veggie to try.

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Aiden is not a big meat eater. He prefers it in itty bitty pieces mixed with other stuff. lol. He will eat bite sized pieces of a hamburger with enough ketchup. He'll eat fried chicken nuggets (like from Chick-fil-a), but not my baked (but still crispy) chicken nuggets. lol. He will eat chunks of smoked turkey sausage in red beans and rice though. I don't think it's a texture thing as much as meat by itself doesn't have as interesting of a taste as cheese and fruit.
Aiden has tried shrimp and spit it out every single time. He HATES fish so far. But I'll give him credit, about half the time he'll actually give these items another taste. Maybe one day it'll grow on him.

Milk....well, Aiden only gets 2 sippys a day max of it. Any more and his poop get super duper gross. I'm not too big on milk being a must have in a diet as long as there are other sources of calcium and good fats.

Veggies....*sigh* Aiden will eat sweet potato fries 3 out of 4 times I give them to him. He'll eat diced veggies when on a pizza or in a casserole form. He does like plain diced carrots, but won't eat them in any other way other than diced and boiled well. The only corn he'll eat is cut off of fresh corn on the cob - frozen and canned just don't cut it! lol! I often mix chopped spinach into my hamburgers and he'll eat those. DS will also eat veggie burgers - so once a month I make up a bath of them for us to eat for occasional lunches!

Aiden uses utensils for all his meals. He'll usually start off with it really well but halfway through uses his hands partly because hands are still faster. I do cut things into bite sized pieces for things he uses the fork for so that he can stab and eat. He really does do an amazing job for his age. People are always amazed at his use. We constantly have to ask for another set of silverware at restaurants because servers always assume he won't use them. He actually gets mad if he doesn't have his own silverware! He'll even insist on using them for eating things like cut up corn dogs!
Grapes are still cut in half, but I don't cut up strawberries and other things he can easily pick up and eat off.

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"KittyRN" wrote:

I'm thinking of trying other veggie fries but cant decide what would be the next best veggie to try.

Try Sweet Potato or Zucchini. My kids will eat sweet potatos this way, but not carrots or zucchini. *sigh*

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We're vegetarian. So no meat. Very very occasionally, I'll cook fish. Teagan hasn't been a fan. But she's not a fan of food period. If you're concerned about protein intake, try tofu. Its one of the few things Teagan will eat most every time I offer it. You can also offer beans. Teagan LOVES beans. Teagan will also eat seitan like its going out of style.

Teagan is still BFing and we're not big milk drinkers so I don't offer milk. My pedi says that toddlers need anywhere between none and some. Basically, they don't need it (especially if they're getting a decent amount of fat and calcium elsewhere) and just use your common sense as to when its too much.

Teagan will not eat veggies. She senses their presence.

I still cut T's food up. She still gags on pieces that are too big. Despite having all but two 2-year molars, this kid can't chew. Or rather, she won't. I've seen her chew cheese so I know she can. She's pretty good at using utensils. I offer them at every meal and she uses them for a bit and them chucks them.

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Since we saw a dietician for Simon, I asked about milk. She said about 2 cups or 16 ounces a day. Definitely no more than 24 oz. Simon gets 20 max a day. She also said to use whole milk for sure until they are 2. Whole milk has long chain fatty acids that are important for brain development that are not in other milk (obviously it's in breast milk though, hence why those breastfeeding dont need milk!). That is what she said anyways. Smile

Simon is still bfing despite the fact that I think I have maybe a drop or 2 for him each time.

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No milk or meat foe Odin yet. Loves fish though. Haven't done shell fish though.

Veggies: likes them whole. Mostly tomato, salad, baked kale, & peas. Most kids don't like veggies steamed so it makes things hard teeth wise. I still offer carrots, beets, & broccoli in pur?e form in those pouches.

I pretty much only cut grapes & Cherry tomatoes. Yes silverware offerd at each meal.

BTW I don't know how to make baked kale but my kids love it. A preschool mom makes it with olive oil & salt. Store bought stuff was not so good. Even picky preschool kids dig it!

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DS1 still hardly eats meat or veggies. I'm always hiding stuff and bribing him. Just keep putting it in front of him. No stress. If he doesn't eat it then just leave it or you get to the stage where I am with DS1. If he could live on cereal/cheese/chocolate he happily would.

I have gone for the no stress approach with Tobey and he'll try anything and happily eat just about anything.

:bighugs: picky eating is hard

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I am mean and serve food up and make Ronin. Have at least one bite of each thing. Some nights he gobbles it all, others it's a bit of a fight to get anythinwith veggies as well because it's getting cool here I do a lot of stews and savoury mince etc and he gibbles them up veg and all see. He has never been interested in milk and it was going to waste so i don't bother anymore

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Madison only eats Chicken every once in a while or pork chops. She very rarely eats read meat. She does like fish sticks. We have not done shellfish yet because of the allergy risk.
She gets one sippy of milk a day. She's not a big milk drinker so she eats lots of cheese and cottage cheese, yogurt, etc.
I'm very lucky because she loves veggies. I've never had to struggle with that so I'm no help there. Sorry.

It's hard when our LO don't want to eat much.

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Evan eats meat sometimes. I guess when he feels like it. He, of course, likes chicken nuggets. Other meats that we have, I just cut up. Sometimes it's a winner, sometimes not. I asked our pedi about shellfish this week. He said he likes to advise that we hold off until at least 2 years old, or later if possible. He feels more comfortable to wait until the child can tell you if he's having trouble. Ex. choking vs. hard to breathe. That's fine for us, I will give it to him one day.

Milk, we've also been told 24 oz is the max amount. He gets some milk in the morning, a bit at daycare, then I offer it after bath time, although he doesn't drink much at that time anymore.

For veggies, he likes them sometimes (again). He will eat raw cucumbers and tomato. He loves the squeezie pouch veggies, so I still buy those. Other things he will try and maybe eat.

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Lucas won't usually eat meat or most veggies unless I either A) mix it all together with rice, potatoes, noodles, couscous, etc. in which case he will usually gobble it up (which is funny b/c I can give him the exact same thing and not mix it up and he won't eat any of it! :roll:) or Dirol give him ketchup. That boy LOVES ketchup and will eat almost anything with it on it. Gross, I know, but I figure that it's better for him to eat well with ketchup than to eat almost nothing at all. He doesn't eat most veggies on his own, but loves tomatoes and corn. Sometimes I can get him to eat green beans too.

He eats fruit constantly. He would turn into a piece of fruit if I let him. But he hates bread in almost all forms (plain, toast, rolls, biscuits, all of it, strange boy!) and won't eat eggs unless they are hard boiled. My DD is the same way with eggs though.

As far as milk goes, I give him 1 sippy in the morning and 1 at night before bed. He won't usually drink all of it, but I get it free with WIC so I can't justify not offering it to him anyways. He probably drinks between 8 and 16 oz a day. He actually likes his sister's soy milk a lot better, but I try not to let him steal too much of that from her.

Toddler picky-eating is so frustrating!