Another walker

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Another walker
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Wow, she is walking great!

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Eeeeeppppp!!! STOP GROWING! She's such a sturdy walker!! WOW!! Like it looks like she takes very calculated steps! Well done Lyla!!! Smile

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She's not wobbly at all! Wow, she's turned pro fast! TFS. Smile

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awww!! she looks like she has been doing it forever

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Wow! How long did it take for her to go from first steps to walking like a pro? Like 2 weeks? I've completely lost track of time.

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Love it! I just uploaded a video from tonight of Emma. It cracks me up.

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Awww, how exciting!

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WooHoo!! Way to go!!

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Holy cow Anna, she's really good at it already! Go Lyla, go Lyla!!!!!

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She looks very thoughtful in her steps. A great mover and thinker! Biggrin