Anyone want to talk TTC with me??

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Anyone want to talk TTC with me??

I peaked at some of the TTC boards but don't look like they are super active, so maybe you guys want to help me out?? Smile

So this month was our 1st month TTC for #3 Smile I went from thinking we would JLIH to actively TTC. (I had a feeling that would happen - I get too impatient:wink:).

A little history here - with DD, we didn't do a lot of work, we decided we were ready to TTC and after the 1st try, I was pregnant. With DS, we ended up trying for 8-9 months before I got pregnant. I was starting to get really worried when trying for DS since it didn't happen right away. I temped and watched fertility signs, tried OPK's; started researching anything I could do to help increase our odds -- taking vitamin B6, Robitussin, cutting out caffeine, drinking green tea, etc. Experimented with DTD every day around ovulation vs every other day, etc!

So on to this time.....OK, we're talking TTC, so a little TMI along with it too....
This time, I did start temping and watching fertility signs for about 7 months already - not religiously, but just to try to help me understand my cycle. It generally lasts 29-32 days. I seems like it almost alternates every other month - 29 days then 32, then 28, then 31 - is that weird???
Oh - and what do you guys feel about "ovulation pain"? I have some friends who say they know exactly when they ovulate b/c they can feel it. I've been noticing in these past few months - every other month - on my "shorter" cycle, I have had pain/cramps for a short time mid-cycle.

So this cycle I had the abdominal pain on my left side/flank on CD 12 - for about an hour it was fairly intense (weird, right?). I could hardly have ovulated that day though b/c it was my 1st day of EWCM?!
We DTD CD 12-15 when I had EWCM. I had some left over ovulation test strips from TTC for DS so used them even though they "expired" within the past year - not sure how much that matters. On CD 14 I got my most close to a positive but it wasn't totally convincing - but the next two days got for sure negative tests.
My allergies have been insane and since we are TTC I haven't taken any decongestants (this is the only thing that helps me). So, I can't breath through my nose at all & my temps have been at all time lows because I'm breathing through my mouth all night (just in the past few days things have gotten slightly better & can breath better - my temps are up to post-ovulatory levels so I am confident that I did ovulate -- sometime - not 100% sure when though). So I don't have anything clear - I ovulated on X day of my cycle!!! :angry1:

I want to try to wait, but I can't......When should I POAS?? Tomorrow is maybe CD 8 or 9?

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I can't help with the mucus stuff, because I just use OPKs. I found a great site with calculators to use to decide when best to test. Try The Very Early Signs & Symptoms of Pregnancy | Countdown to Pregnancy.

And if tomorrow is just day 8 or 9 after O, then if I were you, I would wait (try the implantation calculator on the site I mentioned above). I'm currently 11DPO and still waiting to test, because I don't want to get a false negative and be disappointed. Of course, I also don't want to get a real negative. I'm forcing myself to wait a few more days.

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I am the host of the TTC 0-24 months board and I'm always looking for new ideas to get things moving over there. Back when I was TTC DD it was a super hot board, but the trend has shifted and the TTCers are 'board hopping' which means that right now they are hanging out in whatever month their EDD would be if they got pg this cycle, if the don't get a bfp they move on to the next months BB. I don't get it, it seems like added torture to me, but I can't get them to make the TTC board their home base.

Anyway, on to your questions. I think as far as DTD goes, you've got your bases covered. I used to get O pains before DD, before DS it can't be sure because my cycles were still way irregular and I wasn't paying attention yet. But feeling O pains is possible. And I think that it's entirely possible you O'd on cd 12 even if that was your first day of EWCM. The most basic rule to follow in TTC is that if you see EWCM, get to BDing! As a complete and total POAS addict (and pusher) I would say go ahead and POAS tomorrow. I got a very clear BFP with DD at 10 dpo so it's totally possible that you could get a bfp that early. But if not seeing the second line is going to break your heart, you might want to wait out AF. For me personally, I always felt better POAS because then I already knew to expect AF and then I didn't get so depressed over it. After a point I got really used to seeing BFN's and just came to expect that they would always be BFN's. So you can imagine my shock when I got a finally got a BFP after 2.5 years of TTC, inluding 4 cycles of Clomid.

I'm not sure about your allergies. I've heard/read that the extra mucus, while not comfortable at all for your nasal cavities, can actually help with TTC. I'm sorry that you feel you have to chose between living comfortably and catching that egg. And those varying cycle lengths are actually far more normal that the 28 day cycle everything in the universe is based on.

I hope I answered at least some of your questions. And YAY for TTC!!! Definitely KUP! All the TTCers make me want to get on the TTC wagon and Kole is barely 5 months old!

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Anna - I'm board hopping I guess because no one is on the TTC boards and I need people to obsess with. I dont' get it either, but I do it anyway! ha ha

Dawn - I'm like Sara and don't like to test until AF is due or at least farther out because I can't stand the BFN. I do not have O pain, and my ECWM seems to just appear right before O'ing, I don't get a couple days lead up at all so you could have O'd on CD12. As far as cycle length varying, mine does all the time from 27 to 32 days. It's frustrating but you aren't the only one out there that has that problem.

good luck!

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I'll talk TTC. I have only early tested last cycle because I wanted to get a nicer test to wrap up for hubbys birthday if it was positive and because I was away for his birthday I needed to know in advance. This month I will be on holidays the week before af is due so I may get bored and test

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1. I really don't get board hopping either. I tried that once back when TTC DS and lets just say that's incredibly depressing when you join in 2007 and don't get a BFP till 2010. lol
2. Your cycle lengths are VERY normal. Hormones and stress and such can vary month to month changing up how long till you O. What should be fairly consistent is the time between O and AF (your LP). So if I had a 40 day cycle (and I used to when TTC DS at times!), I still knew once I finally O'd, AF should show 13-14 days later. Same if I had a normal 30 day cycle. So I don't test till I hit that day when AF should show based on my LP length.
3. I have never experience ovulation pain, but I know many others have to some degree. Still within normal. If you feel the pains, mark it and see if it lines up with O based on EWCM, etc. As far as OPKs go, it's very possible to miss the surge. So you'll notice them getting darker and then getting light again. As long as EWCM matches it getting darker and then disappears as it gets lighter I just assume that I missed the actual surge, but that I O'd after the darkest OPK.
4. As mentioned above as much as I love POAS and knowing, I do try to wait till the end of my LP to test. The first chemical pregnancy I picked up when TTC DS was actually very exciting for me even after they turned negative and then AF came (just a day or two late) because it meant I COULD get pregnant. But after that? It was friggin' depressing. So I stopped testing earlier so I'd stop putting myself through that extra roller coaster. For you right now, I'd wait till at least CD 30 to test since you're not sure. It's actually within normal to not implant till CD 10-11 and still have a great viable pregnancy (which is why having a short LP affects some ladies with TTC).
Funny enough with this pregnancy, I tested at CD 33 and got a BFN which was LATE for me based on O and LP (by 2-3 days!), but I figured I'd just miscalculated O since we did move from TX to NC in the middle of that cycle. I had light nausea that whole weekend and with no AF a couple of days later I tested and got a blaring BFN. Go figure!

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I never board hopped with DS, I didn't find this great site until I was already pg. So far, I have yet to join the TTC board, but I do lurk a little. I guess I need to get in gear. Wink

I don't have great will power when it comes to not POAS. I try, but fail. Oh well. I agree with Anna, if you know the double lines are going to be hard on you, wait a few days longer to test. I have experienced ovulation pains with some cycles and not with others, so yes, it is possible to feel it. Sorry your allergies and not being able to medicate are hard on you right now. Good luck with catching that egg, and feel free to talk with us all you want!

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With DD I was on the TTC after a Loss board at first (how I found this site!) and didn't switch to her birth month board until I was something like 12 weeks along. I was nervous! I don't get board hopping either, that definitely sounds like torture to me!

I think your cycles sound totally normal too...and I don't feel O pain either, although I did have one tiny spot on implantation (that I realized in retrospect). I am super impatient but FORCE myself not to POAS until there is very little chance of a false negative...that's just too much torture too!! No matter what your result, it doesn't REALLY tell you anything you can count on yet.

That said, GL!!!

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I'll obsess with you because I'm anxious to get to obsessing over myself. I'm really no help though because I've only ever POAS like 3 times. After 2 BFNs I said screw it and waited until I was 5 days late to test the next time ... bingo DD! I really try not to get worked up about testing because I hate hate hate the sight of BFNs. BFPs are not going to go away if all is well so I just wait.

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So I wavered back & forth but decided since I had one more pregnancy test strip left from DS, I tried it out this morning....BFN.
Told myself it would likely be negative so to not get upset. I really really want to take some Sudafed right now - my nose is crazy!!! So part of me wishes this test was reliable so I could take something & get some relief!
I had some spotting after DTD yesterday, but then nothing else, then ever so slight amount today - probably wouldn't have noticed it if I wasn't looking for it - but this is not abnormal for me (at least since TTC DS). I can spot anywhere for 3-5 days before AF actually shows but it always gets my hopes up that it could be implantation.
I'll keep everyone posted!

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I'm late to your TTC party, but good luck!

I just observe/chart CM. I get pains that I sometimes think might be ovulation pain, but I'm pretty sure it is actually just scar tissue from my C/S with DD1.

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I guess I haven't been on here for a few days since I'm just seeing this! I don't have anything to add that hasn't been said already, but good luck!

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CM checking was my best bet. I never and still don't have O pains so I never know when that'll happen. I just got very comfortable with checking my CM almost everyday.

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I vote for CM being the best too! We werent trying this time, actually avoiding, LOL! I was using OPKs (to avoid) that said I wasnt O'ing, but if I had listened to my CM I wouldnt have gotten preg! Though I am so glad we did! Biggrin I am sort of sad I missed the whole trying part!!!


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Well, AF showed up, so I'm on CD2 again. On to another month Fool Hoping we don't have to TTC as long this time as we did with DS Sad

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Boo. ((hugs))
New month, fresh start!

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Sorry about the witch!! Time to regroup and start fresh. Good luck to you!!

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sorry to hear! i hope you have better luck next month.

i think CM is your best bet as well, or your temp if you are able to do that. With Lucas i was pretty sure that i was pregnant before i even tested just by my temps. i also occasionally get o pains on my left side. I never had them before i was pregnant, and i don't get them every month just sometimes. weird.