Apps for cells

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Apps for cells

I know some of you may be totally againist this but I wanted to share with those of you who might use it. Fisher Price has 3 awesome baby apps for IPhones. There is one for counting, animal sounds and body parts (ears, eyes, mouth). They're all free. Madison loves them, they play songs and she just dances and giggles.

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There is a app called Toddler lock. Both of my kids love that app and it is free. It locks the cell phone so they can not delete things or call people, so great for road trips/doctor visits Smile I am gonna have to see if I can get the fisher price apps, didn't even know they existed, thanks!

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I totally want THIS. Now that Aiden isn't putting everything into his mouth first, I give him my phone to play with when desperate enough. Though he doesn't like any apps. He'd rather keep hitting that pretty home button. :rolleyes:

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I have an android tablet and I have some sleepy baby app which plays music, the monks chanting is fantatstic, it even makes me a bit tired.

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Clara hasn't really gotten into using the "baby" apps on my phone yet but DS LOVES them. It's the only way I can get him to sit still in the dr's office because they are notorious for running behind on appts, like an hour or more behind. But I have a terrible time with DS calling people so I try not to let him use it often.

DS sits down with DH in the evenings and does his shapes and colors on DH's iPad.